Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is a list of stupid things I have done this week.

This is one stupid thing I have done. Allowed Mr. Bettis to continue to live here. (okay, I'm just kidding.........well, that's a maybe too) We were decorating over the weekend so disregard the mess in the living room. Mr. Bettis un (yep i said un) decorated my kitchen tree (check post below on how much I love this tree) and his owner was trying to show me how good he is by shaking his paw. Big Deal! It is Mr. Bettis's birthday and his owner wanted to throw a dog party. Is he nuts? No way! It's been a very lo-o-ong year with Mr. Bettis.
The week has improved .........hee-hee............Mr. Bettis chewed up his owner's brand -new- go- to -the -daughter's wedding on Dec 22, shoes. LOL.................After a week of mourning over deceased yarn, this gives me a good chuckle.

p.s. Hey, I know I'm warped, but at least it's not my yarn/shoes that Mr. Bettis chewed up.


monica said...

Yarn spaghetti is never a god thing. I hope you have a better week to come.
The yarn is the first picture is absolutely gorgeous.

KnittingMoose said...

Oh no! Stupid washing machine indeed. But yay on the paybacks re: Mr. Bettis! Only fair, right? ;)

Laura Neal said...

I know how you feel about that washing machine, I have a cat who likes to hide skeins of yarn in clothes that have to be washed and I too have pulled yarn out of a machine. It looks better going in than what it does coming out, I feel for ya! Mr. Bettis is so cute, I love the paw...and for his owner to finally get a taste of his medicine...justice is served! LOL!!