Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Game

This is the Big Red Machine coming through their helmet on game day.

The Red School's Marching Band during performance. There is a sea of blue on the opposing side and the Red sea is on the home side. (we're the red in case you haven't figured that out).

The Piccolo Pirate is the one with the long pony tail. These are not happy faces as we were losing the game.
It was cold. It was wet. And we lost.
But all is not so bad as we head off to playoffs this Saturday. We're a 9-1 team so they have done well this year.
The kids have fun so that is what really counts anyway. We're the school who has fun even when we lose.

There was one small problem. The opposing team's band never shows for this game. They have a boombox they play during their teams' achievements. It sounds like a tin-can but to each his own. There was an announcement that the Red school would play the national anthem and then their alma mater as we are the home team this year. The Blue school stood respectively during the national anthem then turned on their boombox to drown out the alma mater. There's a big to-do going on right now with the alumni of the Red school and the local newspaper editorial is bombarded with letters. Good, I say. The Blue school owes the Red school alumni an apology for their disrespectful, rude and bad behaviour. But I doubt that happens. Thank goodness the Red school has respect and regard for the opposing teams.

Mr. Milo came to visit and he is getting big. Here he is on "time-out." His "parents" had to discipline him several times on Saturday and he was put on "time-out" for 11 minutes.

Do you think his "parents" know he's a d-o-g?

There will be a contest posted this week so get ready. I'll give you a has something to with Thanksgiving.


monica said...

I hope they do get an apology and I say shame on the administration of the Blue team if they don't. Good sportsmanship, like good manners, seems to be a thing of the past, unfortunately.

I cast on with the new sock yarn I got from you. I LOVE IT!!! :)

Laura Neal said...

That puppy is huge...are you sure he and Bettis aren't from the same litter? That other school needs a lesson in reality...they sound like a bunch of disrespectful little snots. Bad manners seem to be rampant in this day and age. Our school would never do something that rude. No way, we would have gotten our butts kicked by our parents and our principals!