Thursday, November 15, 2007

39 days until Christmas?!

Socks and more socks are on the needles to be knitted for Christmas gifts. My very BFF found it necessary to inform me, today, there are only 39 days until Christmas. Who needs a BFF like that? ME! That's who. If it wasn't for her telling me these things, Dec 25 would creep up and I wouldn't know it.

This a cuff for someone who has small feet. I can't say who as she could be reading this blog. It is my dyed yarn, Hot Stuff. I chose plain old K2, P2 ribbing. Good for car knitting.

This is another skein of my yarn, Whoville. The camera does not do justice for this skein. It is a pattern I'm designing and I think they'll go to the Piccolo Pirate. She can wear them with her clear sock clogs and they'll look good.
I like knitting these, they're fun.

Yeah! These are finished. Another gift to be stashed in the gift container. They're for another person with small feet. I love small feet, don't you?

January 2007 started out well with my little knitting needles working away on Christmas gifts. Somewhere between March and September, "Self "decided that she wanted socks, bags, teddy bears etc. "Self "became self-absorbed (or would that be greedy?)in her own knitting and put the Christmas gift knitting aside. Now it's 39 days until the Big Day and I am frantically knitting gifts. Where is "Self" when I need those second set of hands?


monica said...

LOL I keep telling myself I need to work on Christmas gifts too, but darn if I don't like knitting those socks for myself.
All the socks look fantastic! And I love the small feet too... mine are not. You would think that would be incentive to knit some of those Christmas gifts, but I fear I am greedy when it comes to my socks and sock yarn.

Laura Neal said...

Don't remind me. I have one more pair of mittens to knit and then I will be done. I will be the jolly elf with the bottle of wine in her hands! Cheers! Love the brilliant blue socks....pretty!