Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friends & Fiber

Sipping my coffee anxiously waiting to leave for a fiber festival. Chan will be there and although I've talked to Anita on the phone this will be my first meet-up with her.
I am so excited and can hardly wait.

I'll leave you with a small sample of finished knitting. An Annis from Knitty only in mini form. It only took a day to make this little baby and I love it. There will be more on the needles.

I'm off here now to have some fun and for the rest of my friends who couldn't make it, I'll be thinking of you. Maybe next year?
p.s. Mr. Bettis's attorney is hereby on notice just in case he can't behave. Since you can't be here to meet up with us Jessi, keep an ear out for a frantic BARK! ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trick or treats

It's a good thing I have friends. I'm a bit of a scatter brain these days and this post has been a long time in coming. Thanks Nic ;).

A while back we entered a contest on Lapdog Creations blog and we WON! Bright Bites dental dog treats were the prize.

Mr. Bettis & Gang were sniffing the box before I even opened it. Notice he's licking his chops and I haven't opened the bags yet. I've never seen the gang so excited over a box.
Bright Bites included a large dog collar (which was put on Mr. B immediately) and a book of 101 dog tricks. I had to laugh because teaching Mr. B tricks is a feat in and of itself but we're going to try. A lovely handwritten note was also enclosed.

Miss Gypsy pretending she's not really interested but she had her snout in there right before I snapped this one.
They LOVED the treats. Thank you Nic and fur-babies and a special thank you to Bright Bites for the fantastic product and extra goodies.
Miss Molly truly loved the treat. She's a bit pouty these days. Her owner is in college and she spends her days with her favorite toy and trying her best to keep Mr. Bettis in line *sigh*. Sometimes it's a lo-o-ong day around here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new do

I was in need of a haircut. Correction. I was in desperate need of a haircut. I kept putting it off (like I do with most things) until I couldn't stand it.
I love the 1940's styles but I trust my hairdresser to do what's best with my hair, facial lines and age (of course).
She did an awesome job. We're waiting for a bit more length but after I went home and took a good look at this style, I'm afraid it's a keeper. I even received a nice compliment from the DH.
Usually after a haircut I ask if he notices anything different and after his failed attempts at " that a new top? new hair color?" he finally guesses correctly and then mumbles a feeble, "oh that's nice." This time was different.
Thanks Laura, you're the best.

My sock knitting mojo has returned. Feeling the need of knitting satisfaction, I grabbed the container of scrap sock yarn and cast on. These babies were so fascinating and fun I couldn't put them down. They were finished in 4 days! I think that's a record for me. I have no idea why it is so fulfilling for me to make something from scraps. Probably my frugal upbringing.
The DD quickly put her mark on them for Christmas. Speaking of the C word, I need to get those elves down here pronto! There are gifts to be finished.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Let's Roll........

May we never forget the heroes and those who died in a terrorist act 9 years ago. This will remain a wordless post while you reflect where you were and what you were doing when you first heard or saw these attacks on our land. I know I'll never forget.
May God Bless America!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Into the Nook II

I'm hooked on the DD's Nook. We bonded then had to go our seperate ways when the Nook headed off to college. Hope it's not too stressful, it may have to come here for an extended visit.

While the Nook was here, it's owner decided it needed a home so I whipped up a sleeping bag. It has a soft flannel lining and fleece between the lining and outer fabric. I put plastic canvas between the outer fabric and the fleece for stability and to protect the screen.

A button loop closure and contrast binding complete the Nook Look.

The Nook's owner was thrilled with the new sleeping bag and is now requesting a wardrobe of sleeping bags.

sshhhh......the Nook is sleeping.......

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Into the Nook

Hubby left after work for the 2 1/2 drive to pick up the college DD for the holiday. On the way home they stopped at a Barnes and Noble so she could check out the Nook. She saved her hard earned money this summer to pay for her textbooks etc and she had a little set aside in case she could purchase something for herself.
She researched so much I wondered if ereaders would be obsolete before she made the purchase.
I could hardly wait for her to get home to play with the new toy. Oh yeah, I wanted to see her too ;).
After a list of rules i.e. no sticky fingers, fingerprints, no drinks etc, I was permitted to play with it. mmm....Role reversal, maybe?
I told her she could leave it here when she goes back to school on Monday. After all, she has SO much studying to do and certainly won't have time for a relaxed read.

This little baby is awesome. I want one. I think I need to get some chickens so I have egg money to set aside.