Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eggstra, eggstra....

On a food roll here of late, butter, now eggs. White or brown? I prefer brown eggs. We are fortunate enough to live in Appalachia where we can get brown eggs from our farmer friend. They are extra large and when I say extra large, I mean nothing like the market bought puny little x-large size. 
One day I took a look at the eggs at the market and I must say if they consider those eggs x-large, I'd hate to see the small.

Scrambled eggs are my fave. Add some cheese, peppers, onions and tomatoes and it's a meal for me. Oh....please don't forget the bacon or sausage.

Dip-it eggs or better known as eye-ball eggs as one of our children dubbed them. I loved them as a child but have no desire to eat them as an adult. Hubby loves them.
Don't even mention soft boil....they look like uncooked eggs to me and all I can say is ....eeewwww but that's my opinion.

Deviled eggs, egg salad sandwich, hard boiled eggs, all of them are on my eat list. 
So how do you like your eggs cooked?

Button, button, who's got the button?

These buttons hopped into my buggy during my last fabric run. They were reduced by 75% so of course they found their way into my stash. I have a 'thing' for buttons (among other 'things' I have no idea what I will use them for but at least I have them, right? Now tell that to the huge jar and container chock full of great buttons that found their way into my possession.

As I mentioned in a former post, I'm smitten with baby knits right now. My oldest daughter has a list a mile long for fall/winter sweaters for her wee son.
Snagged this pattern from ravely. Not too certain how I feel about it. Knit in my stash DK weight yarn instead of worsted so I used the 12 month size to achieve 3 months (for no one in particular). So far, so good but the neck appears to be snug and that would be due to the pattern. It's a quick knit and I'm on the second sleeve so it will be finished in no time just as soon as I find the right buttons ;).

Friday, May 30, 2014

It's all about the bag...

My sister is to blame....enabler. She sent me to a yarn site and looked what jumped into my cart! It was promptly filled and shipped and arrived in 6 days. International mail, ta boot! Drum roll please....

Here it is! Stylecraft Life Dk is an awesome yarn. I placed an order thru Webs last year and fell in love with it but they discontinued the line. I have plans...I have BIG plans for this yarn and I can't wait to cast on. Yeah, I know....more WIP but it's fun to cast on! LOL
The customer service is fantastic. They even send the yarn in nice fabric bags, very impressive, very impressive indeed. 
I see another yarn order in my crystal ball ;)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Butter you than me

My Appalachian roots are embedded with country homestyle cooking. That said, I do not like gravy nor am I a fan of mashed potatoes (I also don't care for spicy food but that's for another post). 
I get the whole thing of eating healthy but folks, let's get real here; All things in moderation and that includes our food and drink intake. 
I like butter. Ahem...I also like salt, sweets and drink waaaay too much coffee and milk, but sshhhh.... don't tell anyone. Everyone indulges in 'something.'
My grands (and greats) ate lard. Yep! Good old fashioned lard...and butter...and gravies... and they all lived (with the exception of one grand) into their late 80's and 90's. 
Let's face it...what would an ear of corn be without a slab of countrystyle butter? Or how about a stack of hotcakes (pancakes)? Or a bowl of hot off the stove popcorn? And heaven knows homemade cookies don't stand a chance in the cookie jar unless they're baked with REAL honest-to-goodness butter.

 A butter churn similar to the the one below resides in my kitchen as a decorative piece; perched nicely at the base of my antique cookstove.
I use butter in moderation. Why? because that's how I was raised. We were permitted the luxury of butter on our vegetables and bread as long as we ate it and didn't waste it.
While many substitute peanut butter, the new nutella fad, almond butter or cream cheese (none of which please my palate), I say, pass the butter please (and the salt ;) )

It is well....

Recently (as in the past year) there have been more ups and downs in our lives then a person can withstand. That said, some of those events have been repeats of many years and we turned a blind eye to avoid the inevitable.
Unfortunately the last 'meltdown episode' took it's toll. A wide range of emotions have not been the answer for me.  I don't like confrontation and anyone who truly knows me knows that about me. Ahem....I'm also a bit stubborn so I, of course thought I could 'fix it' no matter the cost to myself physically and mentally. I was promptly brought to my knees on that one.
So I turned to the "Good Book" (as I should have from the beginning) and found the answer. Not quite what I wanted to read  but the hubby (who has deep religious roots, more than anyone else I know) had been telling me, "it is written and it's revelation." Did I mention I'm stubborn? Oh yeah....I did and I don't always listen to him, as he knows ;)

Conclusion: I must accept the fact no amount of consoling, coddling, 'giving in', reaching out, forgiving and forgetting etc on our part will fix it. It is what it is....
Surprisingly I am at peace. Why? because "it is written."
On that note a well known hymn played in my mind  (anyone who knows me knows I cannot sing ;) ) and I found a beautiful rendition on youtube. It is well with my soul

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Took me all of....

Remember the post script of the previous post? Took me, all of 2 hours to decide I will not allow those who cause drama to consume anymore of my time and energy so I'm "movin' on up."
Thanks to my sister I'm casting on for this little sweater. Been wanting to make it for awhile now and now is the time. My needles and stash are begging for a cast on.
I've been smitten with baby knits these days and since all the babies in this family are outgrowing wee knits I'm considerering commission knit. Time will tell as I'm actually enjoying knitting for the sake of...well? knitting. Nothing like some great yarn and my favorite needles clicking away to de-stress and enjoy life.

Ever have one of those days???

I have recently tried to refrain from personal issues on my blog but there comes a time when enough is enough and it's necessary to get on the soapbox for ONE post. The picture below just about sums it up and I'm going take Sam's role. 
Most people who read this have no idea who I am and then of course there are those who do know me. A few have managed to find a way to manipulate and control with no regard to negative impact. I must think of myself instead of others and their daily idiosyncrasies. 
Heads up! I have learned thru these poorly executed tactics to pull up those Appalachian boot straps and instead of breaking down? I have become stronger, so while choking their wee necks, I can smile in the adversity of it all :D. The saying that family is thicker than water yet family isn't always blood is a double edged sword in my case.   

While Mr. B and Gypsy have learned manipulation they are permitted to do so. They (unlike a few humans) love unconditionally and let's face it, pets are family too and certainly more loyal. They actually want you in their life ;). 
I have discovered new avenues to occupy my time and I will continue to pursue them. Toying with re-opening my Etsy shop with handknit goodies (baby and adult). Gift knitting will most definitely take a back seat. Great stress reducer! I can knit what I want, when I

In the meantime I will repeat my hubby's infamous quote: "Have no expectations and you will not be disappointed"....I'm a' learnin' ;)

p.s.  I promise my next post will steer clear of personal issues and will once again return to my happy-go-lucky-I-don't-give-a care self  :D 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Blue and The Gray

The weekend is gonna be busy so I'll keep this post rather short. 
Memorial Day is a day to reflect and remember those who served in our armed forces: My grandfather, several great uncles, father-in-law and friends. This also includes those in our past who fought for our freedom and justice. 
I didn't intend to knit these dishcloths to honor the blue and the gray of just happened. A simple dishcloth brought a lot a thought. They reminded me of the women who took care of the homestead while their loved ones went to war. A lot of hard work for those women defending their families while their 'menfolk' were off fighting for freedom and justice.
Off topic a bit: I like knitted dishcloths and since I change my tea towels and dishcloths daily, I need a lot of 'em. I despise sponges. I used them once and within days there were mold spores in the crevices. No thanks. I'll take my handknitted durable dishcloths any ole day and no matter how simple they are to knit (and use) I still manage to put thought into the project.

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe and enjoy :).

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Story of Mr. Stump

Once upon a time (9 months ago) a little boy of 21 months and his grandmother went for a walk at the edge of the woods on a bright sunny day. Suddenly the little boy pointed into the woods and said, "monster, monster". Grandmother looked but didn't see anything that resembled a monster so she consoled the little boy and they walked on. 
Everytime they passed a certain area at the edge of the woods the little boy would point and once again say, "monster, monster". 
Time passed (as in 10 minutes) while Grandmother pointed out oak and maple leaves and their beautiful fall colors but the little boy insisted there was a monster in the woods. Suddenly Grandmother looked deep into the edge of the woods (and her imagination) and she discovered the 'monster', a stump.
A stump that resembled a 'monster' in the imagination of a little boy. Grandmother immediately reassured the little boy the 'monster' was nothing more than a stump but the little boy would have 'none of that nonsense' so she resorted to encouraging him to 'pet' and talk to Mr. Stump. A few minutes passed with Grandmother hugging, petting, talking to Mr. Stump and hoping none of the neighbors would see her and think she 'lost it'.
Finally the little boy approached Mr. Stump and they became friends. 
Grandmother forgot to mention to the parents of the little boy that he had a new friend nor did she realize he could see Mr. Stump from his bedroom window. The following week the parents said in passing that the little boy was talking about a stump and that's when Grandmother realized she had not mentioned the adventure at the edge of the woods. They had a good laugh. Over the winter the little boy insisted snow be removed from Mr. Stump and when it rains he says Mr. Stump is getting a bath.

He also insists visiting Mr. Stump on a regular basis so it came as no surprise that his Grandfather had to spend time with Mr. Stump during their Little Adventure.

Footnote: I am always amazed at the imagination of a child and thankful I have kept my imagination intact although adult logic sometimes overshadows that vivid childlike imagination. The little boy and I have traveled the high seas in search of treasure (backyard stones and rocks) and we never know our next adventure. Who knows? Perhaps we will encounter a few cowboys and Indians or discover a new frontier or....well?....we'll allow our imaginations to take us to far away places for new discoveries and adventures.

Memories in the making...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little adventure

We were invited to a delicious Mother's Day seafood dinner at our youngest son and daughter-in-law's home. It was a warm and gorgeous day and we enjoyed some outside time with the family.
Our daughter-in-law mentioned this little guy has been in awe of his pap-pap since he was just a baby. He absolutely adores him and his pap-pap adores him as well :).

Here they for an adventure to spend some time with Mr. Stump. I'll tell that story in a future post but for now, just imagine the conversation between a little guy of 2 1/2 and his grandfather as they walk into the woods.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spots and stripes

 A few days ago I posted about this little sweater. For some unknown reason I cannot copy and paste the link to the post (eyeroll here). Anyhow, just scroll down to the I see spots post if you wish.
I 'shopped' for the yarn and finally settled on Berroco comfort dk, my favorite yarn for baby/kids' wearables. More than likely I will need to purchase some fabric glue to put dots on the ends to keep them from fraying but it's worth the trade off in softness and durability.

Jimmy Beans Wool  is the best online shopping experience ever. Quick and affordable shipping, as in 2 day delivery from across the wide open plains to the coast and a little note on the receipt. I'm all about good customer service and this place is the best. The shipping cost of $4 by far outweighs a free shipping 7-10 day wait when a knitter needs the yarn now (ahem....ok...maybe not this moment but if you're a knitter you 'get it' ;) )

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nine Lives and Cat Tails

Cat apparently knows she has a vet appt therefore she runs at every turn from her captivator (me). Hides under the bed and somehow manages to become entangled in a string of lights that was in a container (apparently the lid was not secure...I'm blaming the husband for this one). 
Captivator proceeds to move the bed, nightstand and containers in order to catch cat.
Cat senses this and proceeds to hiss and swat (with claws engaged).
Captivator cuts the cord in half (no, it was not plugged into an outlet). Now cat has a section of the cord entangled in her tail (eyeroll here).

Mr. Bettis hangs outside the door whining like a baby.
Cat has zero tolerance for Mr. Bettis which doesn't help matters.
Cat swats at captivator and takes a hunk from her hand.
Captivator is on a blood thinner  and grabs bandaids.
Captivator snatches a heavy towel reaching under the bed and grabs the hissing, clawing cat.
Cat is now secure in cat carrier having a complete meltdown until her appt that is scheduled in an hour.
We shall see how this appt goes as soon as they discover they have to snip the cord from her tail. I'm not doing it, I would be clawed to death.

Wonder how much this appt is going to cost?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh happy day

This is a pictureless post. I have no idea how to upload pics on this device so bear with me.

A wonderful weekend is coming to an end. Spent Saturday evening at dinner with my MIL and oldest daughter for Mother's Day.
This morning was early church for our youngest grandson`s baby dedication then a visit to my mother and sister and a road trip to our youngest son`s for dinner.

The youngest daughter called and sent flowers and a card...through a phone message. That kid cracks me up.
All in all it was probably one of the best Mother`s Day and one I will tuck away in the memory book.

Friday, May 09, 2014

I see spots

I saw this little sweater on Ravelry and my needles were smitten. It looks so Dr. Suessy and a unisex sweater.
I couldn't locate the book as it's produced in the UK so I contacted my dear friend in Northern Ireland. Stuff happened in this neck of the woods (medical monkey on our back etc) and I soon put this little sweater out of my mind.
Lo and behold my friend contacted me and said she found it and it was enroute across the Big Pond. 
It arrived today!!! :D.  I grabbed a cup of tea (in honor of my dear friend) and 'studied' the book from front to back. There are quite a few nice projects as well as the spotted cardigan that will soon be on my needles. I didn't have the yarn on hand so a 'shopping trip' online was necessary and the yarn is on it's way. 
My needles can't wait to cast on.

Many hugs and thanks from across the Big Pond to my friend, C.B. :D

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Diggin' my needles....

Digging my needles in the knitting trench has resulted in small steps but productive ones. My Girasole shawl is on the move. I'm in love. This is going to be the most satisfying project once finished. Lace weight, intricate pattern and small needles are perfect.
The previous post was about a little guy's sweater. I had trouble finding the perfect yarn in the perfect weight and color along with washability. Jimmy Beans Wool was my final choice. It was shipped 2 days ago from across the big wide country and arrived today! Given our sorting postal service in the big city (eyeroll here) has deliberately delayed rural mail in the past, this package took an alternate route east. 

Just found out today that a "princess" has arrived 2 weeks early. Her parents are dear friends of our daughter and son-in-law and she has quite a few knitted I have a surprise for her but it's still on the needles. I'll give a tip: it's many shades of green and pink. I'd best get busy.