Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Blue and The Gray

The weekend is gonna be busy so I'll keep this post rather short. 
Memorial Day is a day to reflect and remember those who served in our armed forces: My grandfather, several great uncles, father-in-law and friends. This also includes those in our past who fought for our freedom and justice. 
I didn't intend to knit these dishcloths to honor the blue and the gray of just happened. A simple dishcloth brought a lot a thought. They reminded me of the women who took care of the homestead while their loved ones went to war. A lot of hard work for those women defending their families while their 'menfolk' were off fighting for freedom and justice.
Off topic a bit: I like knitted dishcloths and since I change my tea towels and dishcloths daily, I need a lot of 'em. I despise sponges. I used them once and within days there were mold spores in the crevices. No thanks. I'll take my handknitted durable dishcloths any ole day and no matter how simple they are to knit (and use) I still manage to put thought into the project.

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe and enjoy :).

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SissySees said...

No coincidences... I love the link to the Armed Forces, your knitting and your thoughts!