Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ever have one of those days???

I have recently tried to refrain from personal issues on my blog but there comes a time when enough is enough and it's necessary to get on the soapbox for ONE post. The picture below just about sums it up and I'm going take Sam's role. 
Most people who read this have no idea who I am and then of course there are those who do know me. A few have managed to find a way to manipulate and control with no regard to negative impact. I must think of myself instead of others and their daily idiosyncrasies. 
Heads up! I have learned thru these poorly executed tactics to pull up those Appalachian boot straps and instead of breaking down? I have become stronger, so while choking their wee necks, I can smile in the adversity of it all :D. The saying that family is thicker than water yet family isn't always blood is a double edged sword in my case.   

While Mr. B and Gypsy have learned manipulation they are permitted to do so. They (unlike a few humans) love unconditionally and let's face it, pets are family too and certainly more loyal. They actually want you in their life ;). 
I have discovered new avenues to occupy my time and I will continue to pursue them. Toying with re-opening my Etsy shop with handknit goodies (baby and adult). Gift knitting will most definitely take a back seat. Great stress reducer! I can knit what I want, when I

In the meantime I will repeat my hubby's infamous quote: "Have no expectations and you will not be disappointed"....I'm a' learnin' ;)

p.s.  I promise my next post will steer clear of personal issues and will once again return to my happy-go-lucky-I-don't-give-a care self  :D 

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