Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nine Lives and Cat Tails

Cat apparently knows she has a vet appt therefore she runs at every turn from her captivator (me). Hides under the bed and somehow manages to become entangled in a string of lights that was in a container (apparently the lid was not secure...I'm blaming the husband for this one). 
Captivator proceeds to move the bed, nightstand and containers in order to catch cat.
Cat senses this and proceeds to hiss and swat (with claws engaged).
Captivator cuts the cord in half (no, it was not plugged into an outlet). Now cat has a section of the cord entangled in her tail (eyeroll here).

Mr. Bettis hangs outside the door whining like a baby.
Cat has zero tolerance for Mr. Bettis which doesn't help matters.
Cat swats at captivator and takes a hunk from her hand.
Captivator is on a blood thinner  and grabs bandaids.
Captivator snatches a heavy towel reaching under the bed and grabs the hissing, clawing cat.
Cat is now secure in cat carrier having a complete meltdown until her appt that is scheduled in an hour.
We shall see how this appt goes as soon as they discover they have to snip the cord from her tail. I'm not doing it, I would be clawed to death.

Wonder how much this appt is going to cost?

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SissySees said...

Did everyone survive there and back again?