Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eggstra, eggstra....

On a food roll here of late, butter, now eggs. White or brown? I prefer brown eggs. We are fortunate enough to live in Appalachia where we can get brown eggs from our farmer friend. They are extra large and when I say extra large, I mean nothing like the market bought puny little x-large size. 
One day I took a look at the eggs at the market and I must say if they consider those eggs x-large, I'd hate to see the small.

Scrambled eggs are my fave. Add some cheese, peppers, onions and tomatoes and it's a meal for me. Oh....please don't forget the bacon or sausage.

Dip-it eggs or better known as eye-ball eggs as one of our children dubbed them. I loved them as a child but have no desire to eat them as an adult. Hubby loves them.
Don't even mention soft boil....they look like uncooked eggs to me and all I can say is ....eeewwww but that's my opinion.

Deviled eggs, egg salad sandwich, hard boiled eggs, all of them are on my eat list. 
So how do you like your eggs cooked?


SissySees said...

Scrambled or over-easy. Poached only if I'm sick... And I'm a brown egg from a farmer friend girl too.

Bubblesknits said...

I used to love them, but over the last few years...? I guess my tastes have changed. I still like a good southwestern omelet now and then. :)