Thursday, August 29, 2013

Game on

A lot and I do mean a lot going on here and we decided to have some fun to ease the stress. Game on.
Homemade chex mix and iced tea was the snack choice.
 Disney Monopoly was the game choice (chosen by the eldest daughter who is a Disney fan)

 I have never won a game of Monopoly in my life but this one was different. These are the properties I purchased by chance.

 I haven't laughed this much in quite a while. While I was demanding my $950 rent for Fox & the Hound with a castle, our son-in-law faithfully requested his $4 and $6 rent for his lonely little properties. At one point the girls teamed up and against the whole gang. It finally came down to me (who they dubbed Mrs. Potter) and them. It wasn't long before the hubby and son-in-law were bankrupt.
At one point the girls were hoping to be in 'jail' so they could avoid paying the rent. Chem-girl found herself in 'jail' a total of 22 times thru out the game and Vet-girl was refusing the free get out of jail cards but it caught up with them in the end. 
I tried to 'visit' them in jail but they turned their backs on my visit and said they refused to speak to me...LOL. 

A game night we won't forget for a long time and a great way to put our troubles aside and have some fun.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School Days, School Days....

Remember the song "School Days, School Days, Dear old Golden Rule Days..."? Well the time is upon the kids in our area. We no longer have kids in school and I must admit for the first time that I don't miss it. While I enjoyed all the events of our children I certainly do not miss gathering school supplies, packing lunches, PTA meetings etc. I'll keep my thoughts and rants concerning the downgrade of the education system to myself but know that I pray for the kids of our country.

Now onto Mr. Bettis who is most concerned about the children waiting at the bus stop on our lane. *sigh* his barking begins at promptly 6:58 am with the high school arrival of the first bus stop. Then again at 7:14 am for the middle school student and once again for the elementary bus stop at 8:13 am. Makes for a very lo-o-o-ong and LOUD morning here.

 I will enjoy my morning sipping a cup of coffee and knitting some dishcloths. This is an older finished set but I realized over the weekend that I am in need of new cloths so I'll be casting on. I refuse to use sponges. They are not the best to wipe off countertops and IMO they are very germy. At least I can toss dishcloths in some hot water and detergent with a sprinkling of white vinegar for sanitary reasons and in no time flat they're ready for another day of work.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Only Time Will Tell

Almost two years ago this happy couple tied the knot. I call it the day 'my daughter took my breath away'. Still brings tears to my eyes when I look back on the pictures.
 This beautiful couple have already overcome a few major obstacles in life (economy) and are struggling with medical issues but they have some good news to share. She made some yummy cake pops for dessert and invited the great-grandparents for a surprise.

At first they had no idea but were pleasantly surprised and happy they were included in the unveiling.

As they bit into the cake pop, the color of the cake revealed the surprise :).

I have been blessed to attend her appts with her as there are more appts than normal due to medical 'issues'.  Her hubby's job doesn't allow much time off and just like my husband, he takes supporting his loved ones seriously (what's that saying about a daughter marrying someone like her dad? ;) ) So I know the news but have been sworn to secrecy....ssshhhhh.....  I have seen this little one jump, flip, open and close it's mouth, wave arms, kick and we have counted the fingers and toes. sshhhh....Not sure how much longer I can keep my trap shut....LOL. So stay tuned and be on the look-out for clues in the next few months :D

Friday, August 23, 2013

As my needles click

Life has a way of interrupting peace and harmony. The rhythmic sound and feel of needles clicking are calming to me. 
First up is a Christmas shawl/scarf for my upcoming holiday events. Our calendar is filling up quickly already and my intention is to have a beauty to wear to these events. Have I mentioned I love Christmas?

 Fall is right around the corner although in this neck of the woods I do believe it is upon us. There have been  been a few trees turning color and it's very early in the season. Hubby and I will be cutting and hauling firewood soon.
Love these gloves. I certainly couldn't wear a sweater in so many colors but gloves? It's fine and dandy to wear mismatched fun colored gloves. Using left over sock yarn and I enjoy every stitch.
 I cannot rave enough about this simple sweater. Stash yarn and an easy relaxing knit pattern and in no time a warm functional sweater to wear. As soon as this one is off the needles another one will be on. I've made this sweater for Chem-girl a few years ago. This one is mine.
Summer has been a bust, mostly rain and cool temps. They're calling for a snowy and cold winter here (remains to be seen) and I plan to be warm and ready. Knitting for decades I think I've finally found my solace in knitting and I must add knitting for myself and my home has become priority. It brings peace to my little world (not to mention color ;) ).

Monday, August 12, 2013

Life's adventures

Chem-girl graduated from college and has moved back home for a short stint before embarking on her next 'adventure' of Life. Unfortunately all of her belongings are all over my house. I feel like I'm living an episode of Hoarders . 
She turned her back just as I took the pic ;) 

 In order to not go completely insane over the whole thing I'm doing my best to stay busy. We did some scrapbooking and I finally finished the eldest son's album. Whew! Only have 3 more kids, 3 grandkids and family history album to go...Lol...but I'm determined. This is a wee book journal that I made.
 Of course my life would not be complete without a little knitting thrown in here and there. Wish there was more knitting but Life is getting in the way of the needles :/. Only a knitter would understand that I MUST knit everyday. It's more than a hobby to me, it's my Life :D
                       A little boy's hat complete with car buttons. Beep, beep... ready, set, go
Summer 2013 has been a complete bust. It has rained most of the season resulting in water in the basement, soppy yards and mud....lots and lots of muddy footprints from Mr. Bettis.