Sunday, August 25, 2013

Only Time Will Tell

Almost two years ago this happy couple tied the knot. I call it the day 'my daughter took my breath away'. Still brings tears to my eyes when I look back on the pictures.
 This beautiful couple have already overcome a few major obstacles in life (economy) and are struggling with medical issues but they have some good news to share. She made some yummy cake pops for dessert and invited the great-grandparents for a surprise.

At first they had no idea but were pleasantly surprised and happy they were included in the unveiling.

As they bit into the cake pop, the color of the cake revealed the surprise :).

I have been blessed to attend her appts with her as there are more appts than normal due to medical 'issues'.  Her hubby's job doesn't allow much time off and just like my husband, he takes supporting his loved ones seriously (what's that saying about a daughter marrying someone like her dad? ;) ) So I know the news but have been sworn to secrecy....ssshhhhh.....  I have seen this little one jump, flip, open and close it's mouth, wave arms, kick and we have counted the fingers and toes. sshhhh....Not sure how much longer I can keep my trap shut....LOL. So stay tuned and be on the look-out for clues in the next few months :D


Ellen said...

Congratulations Grandma!! How exciting!!!!

SissySees said...

Very exciting to be sure, and what a cute reveal. (And yeah, I'm curious!) Prayers abound for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, baby and mom.

GeekMamaKnits said...

Congratulations!!! And I love the reveal idea. Hugs...