Friday, August 23, 2013

As my needles click

Life has a way of interrupting peace and harmony. The rhythmic sound and feel of needles clicking are calming to me. 
First up is a Christmas shawl/scarf for my upcoming holiday events. Our calendar is filling up quickly already and my intention is to have a beauty to wear to these events. Have I mentioned I love Christmas?

 Fall is right around the corner although in this neck of the woods I do believe it is upon us. There have been  been a few trees turning color and it's very early in the season. Hubby and I will be cutting and hauling firewood soon.
Love these gloves. I certainly couldn't wear a sweater in so many colors but gloves? It's fine and dandy to wear mismatched fun colored gloves. Using left over sock yarn and I enjoy every stitch.
 I cannot rave enough about this simple sweater. Stash yarn and an easy relaxing knit pattern and in no time a warm functional sweater to wear. As soon as this one is off the needles another one will be on. I've made this sweater for Chem-girl a few years ago. This one is mine.
Summer has been a bust, mostly rain and cool temps. They're calling for a snowy and cold winter here (remains to be seen) and I plan to be warm and ready. Knitting for decades I think I've finally found my solace in knitting and I must add knitting for myself and my home has become priority. It brings peace to my little world (not to mention color ;) ).


SissySees said...

So that's where my knitting mojo went! ;) Glad someone is being productive.

Nichole Burke said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those gloves!

Laura Neal said...

I agree with Nichole, love the gloves!