Monday, August 12, 2013

Life's adventures

Chem-girl graduated from college and has moved back home for a short stint before embarking on her next 'adventure' of Life. Unfortunately all of her belongings are all over my house. I feel like I'm living an episode of Hoarders . 
She turned her back just as I took the pic ;) 

 In order to not go completely insane over the whole thing I'm doing my best to stay busy. We did some scrapbooking and I finally finished the eldest son's album. Whew! Only have 3 more kids, 3 grandkids and family history album to go...Lol...but I'm determined. This is a wee book journal that I made.
 Of course my life would not be complete without a little knitting thrown in here and there. Wish there was more knitting but Life is getting in the way of the needles :/. Only a knitter would understand that I MUST knit everyday. It's more than a hobby to me, it's my Life :D
                       A little boy's hat complete with car buttons. Beep, beep... ready, set, go
Summer 2013 has been a complete bust. It has rained most of the season resulting in water in the basement, soppy yards and mud....lots and lots of muddy footprints from Mr. Bettis.


GeekMamaKnits said...

Oh my too with the rain?!? We've barely had to turn our sprinklers on all summer. In fact, some of the plants were drought resistant and are dying from all the water they're getting. O.o

So hard to believe that Chem Girl has graduated already! That went by fast!

SissySees said...

Is this where I rant about how I normally rave about my region's four distinct seasons? Snowy winters, spectacular fall foliage, beautiful spring flowers... but not this year. Wet, tree-breaking snows that killed the flowers of early spring, straight into monsoon season, and I can only hope that this somehow leads to a beautiful fall after all...

Tell that girl her hair is beautiful. ;)

Laura Neal said...

Cute hat! I can imagine you have a big 150 lb bundle of muddy joy trying to tromp through your house. What fun cleaning up that kind of mess. I understand your need to knit daily. I am in crochet hell here with his blanket. sigh!