Monday, March 30, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I'll start with the Good.
A random photo, but Calico, the old one, wants her blog fame too.
This is Calico atop her "escape" perch. Far, far away from Mr. Bettis & Co. Can't say that I blame her but I have told her repeatedly to give a swat across their noses and they would leave her alone.
But she runs. Therefore they think she's playing chase. (sigh)

Two months ago I organized a few UFO's in the black basket. This basket has been sitting under the table. Until we arrived home last evening.

This is what greeted us.
Mr. Bettis & Co are in trouble. BIG TROUBLE!

They must have suspected that I would not be happy and they immediately went outside instead of greeting me with wagging tails. That was the first indication that something was amiss when I went through the back door.
Obviously they have a thirst for reading because chewing books seems to be the new thing.
Thankfully the projects were intact.
I just don't understand their logic (if there is any logic). We can leave them for hours to those dr appts, come home and there's no destruction. But if we leave for an hour. BAM! Something has been destroyed and it's always something of MINE! ggggrrrrrrr..................

On a final good note I finally finished my Leyburn Socks. They're not quite my colors and I'm still trying to figure out why I purchased this particular skein but I like the pattern. I wore them yesterday to the birthday dinner and they are comfy. Another pair has been cast on.
So how was your weekend?

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a Birthday Celebration

Guess who has a birthday today. I'll give you a few hints.
He is an employee of an Ice Cream company.
He's the father of 4 children (a few of them have probably forgotten his birthday today:).
He's the owner of dear Mr. Bettis (who thinks everyday is one Big Party).

I'm sure you've figured it out. The birthday guest of honor is none other than the DH.
I won't tell his age except to say he's half a century + 1.
LOL..........sneaky aren't I?

Frugal living is still a way of life here these days.

We agreed to no gifts until the economy improves so we're planning a game of scrabble or yahtzee tonite.

This ball of yarn was calling my name. So I cast on for the Ishbel shawl. I'm now to the lace part and I'm lovin' this knit.

Of course it's sunny out which means Mr. Bettis thinks it's necessary to run in and out, in and out, in and get the picture.
He can't wait to spend quality birthday time with his owner and I can't wait for him to spend time with him either. He can get up and down to let Mr. B in and out all evening.
After all, it's time spent with man's best friend.
What better gift could he possibly have? ..............LOL

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Hostage

It's Sunday morning. Mr. Bettis & Co went outside for the morning ritual of racing and playing. All of a sudden we heard frantic barking. The kind of bark that alerts there's something out here.
I looked outside to see Miss Gypsy in this stance barking away.

Mr. Bettis was racing and ripping in a frenzy. Of course you know he was barking.

(take note to the bench in the background that he broke over the winter. Another task for his owner)

This was the reason for the frantic behavior. Now this may appear to be a good ole' trash can laying on the ground however there is a creature in there.
Now I know every creature has it's purpose in the world and yes, I know they have a right to live blah, blah, blah. However I have had experience with possums while growing up on the farm. Not-pretty.
Yes, they play "possum" and just when you think they're dead. HISS! JUMP! Baring of teeth. They can cut off a finger in one bite. Not interested in going near this one. They're NASTY!
Therefore we cannot get to church until this creature is removed from the premises. I'm held hostage by a POSSUM!
I have a sneaky feeling this is the mother possum we have had around here for years or one of her dear offspring. Of course the "country kitty" is out and about also. The smell is just so invigorating, you know:). The squirrel is busy running and playing just within barking reach of Mr. Bettis. I'm waiting for the rabbits to make their debut. (heavy sigh) It's going to be a lo-o-o-ong spring with Mr. Bettis & Co.

Yesterday was a percussion competition out of town for the percussion unit of the band. The daughter or better known as Miss "I-must-play-all-instruments" joined the percussion unit. She spent 2 months learning the bass drum. This was their second competition and they won 3rd place.
They were thrilled and excited.
This is just a small group of the kids that participated.
It's going to be quite busy around here for the next two months. Concerts, musical, award banquets, dance recital, graduation and the #2 Son's wedding.
I'm starting to "lose it" here. I can't believe the "baby" is graduating. Where has the time gone? I think I may need stock in boxes of tissues.

I seem to be getting off track with my knitting these days.
I did manage to whip up a soap sack. I found some Rowan cotton in the stash and just what does a knitter knit with 1/2 ball of soft cotton? A soap sack. I didn't have a pattern so I made up my own.
Anyone else ready for spring ?

UPDATE: Husband found the trash can lid. Donned his gloves and with a shovel as protection he took the trash can with possum in tow to the woods. He thought the possum was injured but OH NO! He was playing possum and as soon as husband kicked the lid off the trash can, Possum ran! I just know it's going to return & I'll be held hostage again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh where, Oh where has this blogger been?

Saturday morning at 6:30 am we transported the Piccolo Pirate to her school. The band was leaving for a 5 day trip to Philadelphia PA and NYC.

Her first big trip to the Big Apple.

Kids (including mine) looked as if they had just crawled out of bed. But there was excitement in the air.

I managed to get a few of her friends to stand still long enough for a group pic.

7:20am (20 minutes later than the scheduled departure) and they were off.

The DH and I ran home to get ready to leave in the opposite direction for a bridal shower. We were running 1/2 late. The DH was driving and I was knitting. Approximately 10 miles from the house a little voice told me to ask the DH if he picked up the gift. And I think we all know the answer to that question.

We turned around and backtracked. Now we were 55 minutes late. Unfortunately along the way we were held up in traffic due to an accident. That put us 1 1/2 hours later then intended.

1:00 pm:
The shower was for my soon-to-be new DIL. She is marrying #2 Son in May.

Her favorite cake is carrot cake and it was decorated to match the shower invitations.

The spread of food was awesome and there was even champagne punch. No, I wasn't hanging out at the punch bowl the entire time although with the ex husband's snooty wife in attendance, it was a thought........LOL

I wanted to give her something special and I've racked my brain for weeks. Finally the lightbulb flickered. I am known as the "cookie mom". My kitchen was the home for the kids' friends to hang out over the years and they always raided the fridge for milk and the cookie jar for cookies.

So I put together a gift basket of necessary items to bake cookies.

A cookie scoop, stainless steel mixing bowl, chocolate chips, nuts, 2 knitted dishcloths, Pampered Chef measuring cup (love that thing for measuring shortening, butter etc), crocheted El Cheapo Scrubby, dish detergent (to clean up the mess), handsewn apron and a cookie scented candle in case the cookies flop and she can light the candle and serve Oreos to #2 Son instead.

Red ribbon and a handsewn apron ornament were the finishing touches.

Of course my sense of humor and I just had to make the apron a fun garment. I found this fabric and whipped up an apron just for the New DIL- to -be.
I also found a pair of #2 Son's jeans in a box and before I gave away the box I cut out a pocket from a pair of his jeans to be sewn on the apron. Just a little personal touch:) The ties are ribbon tape measure ties.
She loved it!

Here she is modeling the pin-up guy apron.

To be safe and so her new husband wouldn't get offended (lol) by her pin-up guy apron, I made the pin-up gal dish detergent apron so he has something to look at while doing dishes.
I raised those boys to help in the kitchen:).

We played games and the toilet paper wedding dress game was fun.
The girl second from the left won for the best "gown".
Another girl and I "designed" this dress so we were quite honored. I think the bow in the headpiece was the deciding factor:).
We put bows on the shoes, bustle on the backside and tied a knot with a piece of the toilet paper on her finger to signify she "tied the knot". It's all about details, folks. LOL
The Bride-to-be received a lot of beautiful and useful gifts and I think she is very happy.

Unfortunately on the way home I recieved a phone call from the Piccolo Pirate & her friends sobbing on the phone. mmmmm...........I wonder if the band director is aware that I have pointy sticks and I'm really not afraid to use them. (eyes-raising here)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Books, Needles and Bears, oh my........

I purchased this book a few weeks ago. It sounds like a good book. I managed to read the first chapter. Imagine my surprise that it takes place in an area approximately an hour and 15 minutes from where I live.

I left to get a hair cut and before I left I was certain to put the book on what I thought was an unreachable place for Mr. Bettis.

I thought WRONG!

He swiped it from the table and as you can see (Mrs. Attorney), it is wet with slobber and there are teeth marks. I think he was in the process of a good time with the book when I unexpectedly arrived home earlier than he anticipated.

This is where I found him after my rant over the chewed book.


He is not permitted on the couch! Why doesn't this dog follow rules?

Perhaps because his owner (the DH) excuses his bad behavior constantly. I swear I'm gonna send him and the dog to obedience school.

(sigh) I posted earlier that I was running out of double point needles. First Anita came to my rescue, then Chan.

This package of dpns and a lovely card arrived from Chan so I'll never be in need again. LOL

Thank you Chan. I now have one set in use already.

For many years I designed and made jointed mohair bears for sale.

A few years ago a very nice lady asked me to make bears from her deceased husband's shirts. He passed away suddenly during the Christmas season. She requested 8 of them for her grandchildren and one for herself. I thought I would share a picture of them.

These bears have a job (as all bears do:). They are soft and cuddly and that is their purpose. To be hugged and loved and to help bring them some comfort during their mourning.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Chan honored me with an award today. Thank you!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Scrubbin' Bubbles & other stuff

Finished stuff. I hand spun the variegated yarn in this cowl. The brown is Lamb's Pride wool from the stash room. It was supposed to be a scarf but I was bored with it. So a cowl, it is. The stick is just a bamboo stick that I had lying around. I need to make a really nice stick closure.
I wore this last weekend and had quite a few compliments.

Another pic without yours truly and her neck in the way.

This yarn of Paintbox by Classic Elite has been stashed for quite awhile. Since I'm de-stashing these frugal days I finally found a use for this lonely skein.
A hat pattern that I found on a knitting site.
This is quick and easy and only took an afternoon to knit. I used up all but 2 yards of the 109 yard skein.
The daughter who was the intended recipient loves it. She wasn't available for the picture when I finished it so I put it on and snapped the pic.
I don't like to have my picture taken so I cut off as many parts of self as I can.

This is also from the stash room and it will grow up to be something special for the daughter. These are the chosen colors of wool.
Notice the balls of yarn. Long B.efore B.all W.inder 4 yrs ago. What does that tell you about the stash?
You know what they say about a fine wine aging? Well, I hold that same line for yarn.......LOL

The scrubbies are multiplying. I just found they are the best when it comes to scrubbing the tub and shower walls. Loving this scrubby.
Chan and I made a deal to spend 15 minutes - 1/2 hour de-cluttering in the house. So far, so good. Of course it's only been 2 days since that commitment.

P.S. Make note to self. It is not wise to close oneself in the shower with a bottle of bathroom cleaner and a scrubby.
I'm still hacking up a lung from that process. That'll teach me to clean! LOL

Sunday, March 01, 2009

El Cheapo

Frugal living continues around here. I use Vanilla creamer in my coffee. It costs $2.98 a container and I purchase one of those a week. (I drink a LOT of coffee) That's an expense that needs to be cut.

Cheap flavored creamer
1 cup of non-dairy powdered creamer
1 cup of 10X (confectioner's sugar)
1 1/4 tsp of vanilla

Put in jar with lid and shake until the vanilla is thoroughly mixed. I put it in an empty powdered creamer container and labeled it. The hubby doesn't like flavored creamer so it's mine, all mine:).

I need some sweetness.

I have had quite a few requests for my cheap kitchen scrubbies. Here's the history: I found the pattern on a knitting site. I faved it, or so I thought because now I can't locate it. (seriously, has anyone seen how many faves I have on there? no wonder I can't find So I will post my version of what I remember.
Red Heart worsted weight yarn (acrylic is wonderful for scrubbing )
Size US G crochet hook
Gauge: Doesn't matter
This is worked back and forth so DO NOT JOIN.
Row 1: Chain 7
Row 2: 2 single crochet in each of 6 chains across. Turn Chain 1
Row 3: 2 single crochet in each single crochet across. Turn and chain 1
Rows 4-6: Repeat Row 3
Do not cut yarn. Slip stitch along side to Row 1.
Hanging loop: Chain 24 (or how many you want to make the loop). Slip stitch in beginning of chain. Cut yarn and work in ends. YEAH! You now have an El Cheapo Scrubby.
When it is dirty just throw in the washer with your rags or towels and it's ready to scrub again.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I purchased this card to send to my dear friend, Anita. She's had a few ups and downs. I thought this would cheer her.
However, Mr. Bettis managed to grab this from the table while we were out.
He will be contacting his attorney here shortly so they can collaborate an appropriate apology to Anita..

This is the inside of the card, Anita:). No slobber on the inside though and the sentiment is truly meant.