Friday, March 13, 2009

Books, Needles and Bears, oh my........

I purchased this book a few weeks ago. It sounds like a good book. I managed to read the first chapter. Imagine my surprise that it takes place in an area approximately an hour and 15 minutes from where I live.

I left to get a hair cut and before I left I was certain to put the book on what I thought was an unreachable place for Mr. Bettis.

I thought WRONG!

He swiped it from the table and as you can see (Mrs. Attorney), it is wet with slobber and there are teeth marks. I think he was in the process of a good time with the book when I unexpectedly arrived home earlier than he anticipated.

This is where I found him after my rant over the chewed book.


He is not permitted on the couch! Why doesn't this dog follow rules?

Perhaps because his owner (the DH) excuses his bad behavior constantly. I swear I'm gonna send him and the dog to obedience school.

(sigh) I posted earlier that I was running out of double point needles. First Anita came to my rescue, then Chan.

This package of dpns and a lovely card arrived from Chan so I'll never be in need again. LOL

Thank you Chan. I now have one set in use already.

For many years I designed and made jointed mohair bears for sale.

A few years ago a very nice lady asked me to make bears from her deceased husband's shirts. He passed away suddenly during the Christmas season. She requested 8 of them for her grandchildren and one for herself. I thought I would share a picture of them.

These bears have a job (as all bears do:). They are soft and cuddly and that is their purpose. To be hugged and loved and to help bring them some comfort during their mourning.


Anita said...

Of course it's a good book! It's by Nora!! LOL You know that one is part of a set don't you? Now you will have to get the others. :)

And you know that eventually you'll have projects on those needles too & still need more! SNOL

What sweet bears. And what a wonderful thing to make them out of, those bears will be well loved.

Laura Neal said...

Oh, that is a sweet idea about the bears. I have my dad's old mohair sweater to remember him by, I wear it every year. People ask me where I bought it. I just smile.
At least your book was intact when you came home, I have knitting books that are completely chewed from my hound dog. I can't even use them anymore.
He is cute on the couch, I know it irritates you to no end. I came downstairs one day and my Bootsy was sitting on the couch like he belonged up there. Grr! I yelled at him and he looked at me like I shot his best friend. They are such funny creatures.

gaylen said...

What lovely bears and a great idea.

As for Mr. Bettis - while I'm not his attorney I see now lasting damage to the book in question. As for being on the couch - well you know dogs are like kids - they think we only talk to hear our own voices. He's awfully sweet though. g

Bubblesknits said...

Mr. Bettis has issued a statement to the blog that he was only trying to read the book as he is a closet Nora Roberts fan. Lacking the benefit of opposable thumbs, he was left to trying to hold the book open with his mouth.

As for his presence on the couch, Mr. Bettis maintains that he was under mental duress from the "great book rant of '09".


Love the bears, btw. I know those are going to be cherished and treasured.

Channon said...

SNOL... I see Mr. B's defense team is prepared, as always. I like the idea that he was reading. Mugsy used to try to stand IN magazines while I was reading them.

Glad the dpns found a purpose at your house.

LOVE the bears. Are you taking on new commissions?

Channon said...

Sissy here. I'm rather confused by this "not allowed on the sofa" bit. Let me see if I have it right - you have furniture in your house that the adorable Mr. B isn't allowed to touch? Weird, and a bit mean, if you ask me... which you didn't, but I'm chiming in anyway, 'cuz that's what I do.