Monday, March 30, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I'll start with the Good.
A random photo, but Calico, the old one, wants her blog fame too.
This is Calico atop her "escape" perch. Far, far away from Mr. Bettis & Co. Can't say that I blame her but I have told her repeatedly to give a swat across their noses and they would leave her alone.
But she runs. Therefore they think she's playing chase. (sigh)

Two months ago I organized a few UFO's in the black basket. This basket has been sitting under the table. Until we arrived home last evening.

This is what greeted us.
Mr. Bettis & Co are in trouble. BIG TROUBLE!

They must have suspected that I would not be happy and they immediately went outside instead of greeting me with wagging tails. That was the first indication that something was amiss when I went through the back door.
Obviously they have a thirst for reading because chewing books seems to be the new thing.
Thankfully the projects were intact.
I just don't understand their logic (if there is any logic). We can leave them for hours to those dr appts, come home and there's no destruction. But if we leave for an hour. BAM! Something has been destroyed and it's always something of MINE! ggggrrrrrrr..................

On a final good note I finally finished my Leyburn Socks. They're not quite my colors and I'm still trying to figure out why I purchased this particular skein but I like the pattern. I wore them yesterday to the birthday dinner and they are comfy. Another pair has been cast on.
So how was your weekend?


Grace said...

i think I would cry to come home to that but I guess its all part of being a Pet Owner!! The socks are gorgeous and glad the food was good!

Channon said...

Oh no. Bad, bad Mr. B! Gah. Why do they do these things?!

The socks are lovely. At least they didn't eat any projects...

Bubblesknits said...

Even Mr.B's attorney is in shock. ::sigh:: Hope the books are salvageable.

Love the socks, though!

Anita said...

Maybe when you leave them for more than a couple of hours they have time to clean up the mess they made! SNOL!!!!

And it just wouldn't be any fun if it weren't your stuff. Bad doggies! :)

Diane said...

Of course Mr B only goes after your stuff. Why go after your hubby's stuff when yours is so much better.