Sunday, March 01, 2009

El Cheapo

Frugal living continues around here. I use Vanilla creamer in my coffee. It costs $2.98 a container and I purchase one of those a week. (I drink a LOT of coffee) That's an expense that needs to be cut.

Cheap flavored creamer
1 cup of non-dairy powdered creamer
1 cup of 10X (confectioner's sugar)
1 1/4 tsp of vanilla

Put in jar with lid and shake until the vanilla is thoroughly mixed. I put it in an empty powdered creamer container and labeled it. The hubby doesn't like flavored creamer so it's mine, all mine:).

I need some sweetness.

I have had quite a few requests for my cheap kitchen scrubbies. Here's the history: I found the pattern on a knitting site. I faved it, or so I thought because now I can't locate it. (seriously, has anyone seen how many faves I have on there? no wonder I can't find So I will post my version of what I remember.
Red Heart worsted weight yarn (acrylic is wonderful for scrubbing )
Size US G crochet hook
Gauge: Doesn't matter
This is worked back and forth so DO NOT JOIN.
Row 1: Chain 7
Row 2: 2 single crochet in each of 6 chains across. Turn Chain 1
Row 3: 2 single crochet in each single crochet across. Turn and chain 1
Rows 4-6: Repeat Row 3
Do not cut yarn. Slip stitch along side to Row 1.
Hanging loop: Chain 24 (or how many you want to make the loop). Slip stitch in beginning of chain. Cut yarn and work in ends. YEAH! You now have an El Cheapo Scrubby.
When it is dirty just throw in the washer with your rags or towels and it's ready to scrub again.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I purchased this card to send to my dear friend, Anita. She's had a few ups and downs. I thought this would cheer her.
However, Mr. Bettis managed to grab this from the table while we were out.
He will be contacting his attorney here shortly so they can collaborate an appropriate apology to Anita..

This is the inside of the card, Anita:). No slobber on the inside though and the sentiment is truly meant.


Grace said...

Oh Yes must have Gobs recipe haven't made them in years, love the scrubbie!!

Grace said...

Oh Yes must have Gobs recipe haven't made them in years, love the scrubbie!!

Anita said...

Those scrubbies are great, I really need to make a dozen or two of those! Time... can you figure out how to get me more of that? LOL

If I were half as creative as you are in the kitchen maybe I wouldn't mind being there. :)

Thanks for the card! That was sweet. Maybe Mr. Bettis was just trying to send along a few slobbery kisses.... well, you never know! SNOL

Channon said...

Ahem... Of course Mr. B was just trying to put some kisses in the envelope and sign the card. No lawyer needed, obviously, although I'm positive she'll agree.

I'm sure the scrubby will be tried out in a few moments, because that's more fun than getting up and winding pretty yarn. Besides, the Knight loves to wind yarn...

Becca said...

Yum...gobs!! Baby S wants some soon :)!! Luv you!

Bubblesknits said...

After hearing testimony from the lovely Chan, Mr. B's attorney rests her case. ;-)

Gobs...must. have. Gobs!

How do you get the liquid vanilla to mix with all the powders?

gaylen said...

I am absolutely interested in your cheapo coffee creamer. Does it taste the same or better? Does your coffee look the same? Inquiring minds have to know!

Love the scrubbie - think I will make a bunch. Hopefully Beauregard James won't eat them (I'm pretty sure he's swalled more than one dish cloth). g