Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Hostage

It's Sunday morning. Mr. Bettis & Co went outside for the morning ritual of racing and playing. All of a sudden we heard frantic barking. The kind of bark that alerts there's something out here.
I looked outside to see Miss Gypsy in this stance barking away.

Mr. Bettis was racing and ripping in a frenzy. Of course you know he was barking.

(take note to the bench in the background that he broke over the winter. Another task for his owner)

This was the reason for the frantic behavior. Now this may appear to be a good ole' trash can laying on the ground however there is a creature in there.
Now I know every creature has it's purpose in the world and yes, I know they have a right to live blah, blah, blah. However I have had experience with possums while growing up on the farm. Not-pretty.
Yes, they play "possum" and just when you think they're dead. HISS! JUMP! Baring of teeth. They can cut off a finger in one bite. Not interested in going near this one. They're NASTY!
Therefore we cannot get to church until this creature is removed from the premises. I'm held hostage by a POSSUM!
I have a sneaky feeling this is the mother possum we have had around here for years or one of her dear offspring. Of course the "country kitty" is out and about also. The smell is just so invigorating, you know:). The squirrel is busy running and playing just within barking reach of Mr. Bettis. I'm waiting for the rabbits to make their debut. (heavy sigh) It's going to be a lo-o-o-ong spring with Mr. Bettis & Co.

Yesterday was a percussion competition out of town for the percussion unit of the band. The daughter or better known as Miss "I-must-play-all-instruments" joined the percussion unit. She spent 2 months learning the bass drum. This was their second competition and they won 3rd place.
They were thrilled and excited.
This is just a small group of the kids that participated.
It's going to be quite busy around here for the next two months. Concerts, musical, award banquets, dance recital, graduation and the #2 Son's wedding.
I'm starting to "lose it" here. I can't believe the "baby" is graduating. Where has the time gone? I think I may need stock in boxes of tissues.

I seem to be getting off track with my knitting these days.
I did manage to whip up a soap sack. I found some Rowan cotton in the stash and just what does a knitter knit with 1/2 ball of soft cotton? A soap sack. I didn't have a pattern so I made up my own.
Anyone else ready for spring ?

UPDATE: Husband found the trash can lid. Donned his gloves and with a shovel as protection he took the trash can with possum in tow to the woods. He thought the possum was injured but OH NO! He was playing possum and as soon as husband kicked the lid off the trash can, Possum ran! I just know it's going to return & I'll be held hostage again.


Anita said...

SNOL! Well, at least Mr. Bettis & Co. let you know that he was out there before you went down the steps & got the crap scared out of you. :)

How did Mr. Bettis break the bench? LOL

Channon said...

Sissy thinks your house looks like BIG FUN. Gretchen would love to come bark with your gang.

Congrats to the precussioners! (Is that a word? I think not...)

Oooh - may I guess how Mr B broke the bench?! I'll wager he was romping much as he was yesterday and bounced a little too vigorously on said bench?

Laura Neal said...

I hate opossums! They are so nasty! My dogs always make the ones around here hiss! I know they are going to kill that one and I will have shredded opossum all over the yard. Can you imagine the stink?
I don't relish the thought of cleaning up shredded stinking opossums.
I get to vacuum the pool and clean the filters today. Oh exciting!

Bubblesknits said...

They also like to walk out right in front of moving cars. The car won, btw.

catsmum said...

now y'see when I read stories like this I have to forcably remind myself that you're talking about an opossum - the possums that we get her in OZ are quite a different animal [ although still a pest when they eat the roses ]

Diane said...

My oldest daughter played the violin, flute, clarinet, sax, and drums. By the time daughter #2 came to the age to pick something I made her pick one thing because seriously how much can one mom pay in instrument rentals?!?!? She picked the tuba which required her to be taken into school by a parent twice a week (no tubas on the bus). Daughter 3 play a dozen different things in high school (all supplied by the school) and my son played the drums until thankfully he dropped out of band.