Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The surgery is over and now the recuperation begins. Not permitted to do anything for 2 weeks. Could someone please send a memo to Mr. Bettis?
Recovery was 3 1/2 hours long due to the many issues involved with this leg.

Crutches and I are not the best buddies. Seems I want to go one way and they want to go another.

The DH is home to "help." I've considered posting bulletins all over the house defining what the words "help around the house" actually mean. (eyeroll)
He's somewhat good about doing tasks but he must have a break between each chore. What's up with that? Takes him all day to do what I do in a morning. I know, I know, at least he does them but I must tell him each and every chore.
I've considered making a list of the everyday chores but I'm not sure he'd follow it.
Just like any other day Mr. B & Co have been in and out countless times and the DH started grumbling about getting up and down to let them outside until I said, "welcome to my world." That ended that.

2010 could take a hike as far as I'm concerned. I have had enough.
I'm dreaming of an island vacation with a copacabana boy to run my errands and serve margaritas with little umbrellas.
I can lay back on the shore with my books and knitting with no cares in the world.
I'm off to la-la dreamland now..........

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Calm before the Storm

This has been a very busy month. I need to do some serious blog reading and farming (Farmville) on facebook ;) but there has been very little time to do anything let alone my poor neglected knitting.
We moved the college DD back to her school last weekend. As you can see, it's cramped quarters. She shares a triple in a very tiny room. Thank goodness she's an organized person (unlike her poor mother).
See the guy in the picture? The one who is watching the college basketball game while the DD and I work? lol
Today is his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY!!!!!! We don't have any plans today besides preparing for the "next" round here. (explanation later)

Our eldest son, DIL and granddaughter met up with us at the college. They invited us to stay with them for a few days but we were not prepared (no clothes, no one to keep a close vigil on Mr. Bettis etc) Finally we worked it out that I would stay and DH would head home.
We went for a quick shopping trip to gather a few necessities before we headed the short trip to their home.

They're remodeling their home and here's Son #1 preparing dinner the first night. I baked cookies one afternoon and I can't rave enough about their kitchen. I could hang out in that room all day and never tire of it.

I've been hesitant to put my granddaughter's picture on the internet for obvious reasons so when I took this picture I thought it was okay to post. Here's MC. She's a very pleasant and happy baby girl. Mr. Milo watches on. I had a wonderful time with this family and hope we can enjoy more time together in the near future.

About the next round:I've been dealing with a lot of medical testing, doctor visits etc.
I'm having surgery on March 29 and I will be laid up for a while. There's a lot of medical issues to be dealt with concerning this surgery but there's no choice.

In the meantime I will be nagging .....er......keeping the hubby on his toes. I'm not a good patient when I'm down. I can overlook a dust bunny on any given day but let me be incapcitated and that dust bunny can get on my one nerve...LOL
I have my computer and knitting waiting when I'm ready so I'll post when I can. I have my sense of dry (sarcastic, as the family would say) humor. So bear with me as we overcome one more hurdle. There's bound to be something funny through all this mess.

Can I just say something about 2010? Nah....nevermind.....it's not for innocent ears......LOL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

DVT Awareness

March is DVT awareness month.
I am a survivor of DVT.

"DVT occurs when a blood clot forms in a deep vein, usually in the lower limbs. A complication of DVT, pulmonary embolism, can occur when a fragment of a blood clot breaks loose from the wall of the vein and migrates to the lungs, where it blocks a pulmonary artery or one of its branches." - Melanie Bloom

Check out the DVT site to learn more.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

When it Rains.........

The crick's are a'risin' around here. There were 260 inches of snow in the mountains. We've had rain and warm temps and the snow is bound to melt. This is a repeat of the Flood of 1996 here.

This is a picture of the flood project that was built in the 1930's due to the destructive flood of 1936.
There are warnings today of major flooding.

The Narrows is the orginal Gateway to the West and consists of Wills Creek and a small road sandwiched between to mountains. I took this picture on the bank of the Creek.
Authorities were a bit more wise than back in 1996 and people have been evacuated from their homes and businesses along the bank.

When it rains it pours. That is a fact but around here when it rains, trouble ensues.
Mr. Bettis has been restricted on his outdoor antics of racing, ripping and playing due to the rain/mud. Obviously he had nothing to do and we caught him shredding the 6 month old comforter!!!! He's in trouble. He's in BIG trouble!
As destructive as he can be sometimes, this is destruction out of the ordinary.

Upon a bit of investigation we discovered the Brat (Gypsy) buried her treats under the comforter. Sissy and Gretchen kindly sent treats awhile back and they're Gypsy's favorite. She hides them everywhere and Mr. B spends a lot of time hunting them down. He's still in trouble though and is placing a desperate woof to his attorney.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break! Yay! for the college daughter who is home for a week. Boo! For the dreary rainy weather that followed her home. But we'll still have fun for the week.
Of course anytime a college student enters the home door they bring laundry and requests for home cooked food.

Hanging out with her BF, the cell phone :). Within an hour there were issues with the phone and we thought her world was going to crash LOL. A phone call to the provider and five technicians later we discovered the phone inner workings needed to be re-set as they were working on the towers. Lo and behold while I was on the phone we found there were charges on the bill that didn't belong to us.
May I just suggest it would be wise for companies to skip the screamin-meaming music on the hold feature and instead replace it with soothing music for the frazzled customer.

Eldest daughter hanging with her best friend, the cell phone:) and Mr. Bettis who wanted his seat back.
He won.

Since Mother Spring decided to grace us with showers for the weekend, Mr. Bettis is restricted to outside play. Mud is no fun for the care-takers which mean we must tolerate the ripping, racing and play antics inside.

"Why Mr. Bettis, what big teeth you have.........."

".....and Mr. Bettis, what big ears you have..."

The daughter is settled for the week and I know it's going to fly. I'm off to do some serious baking and cooking.........oh........and the laundry.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Grab Your Shades

Is it a bird? A plane? Nope. It's the sun!

I'm not a fan of spring or summer for various reasons. That's for another post but I must admit that I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face today.

The sky was a breath-taking blue and I could only admire the day. Birds were singing in the trees and Mr. Bettis was very busy running in and out all day long.

It's hard to imagine the several feet of snow that fell just a few short weeks ago. It is almost melted away now.
I love snow. I'll miss winter until we meet again next year.

I had an appointment and as usual I covered my entire knitting area in order to leave the house with a (false) sense of peace. Mr. Bettis finds it absolutely necessary to destroy something of mine almost everytime I leave the house.

I was only gone for 45 minutes but apparently that's enough time for him to find something to destroy.

The mail was on the table and I suppose it was too tempting. Not sure, maybe he thought it was addressed to him. Yeah, right. Don't think so. But at least it wasn't my yarn, books or the bag of potatoes.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Animal Kingdom

I took the notion to clean my knitting nest corner and room. Took me most of the day but I accomplished quite a bit. I frogged quite a few projects that were cast on during the snowstorms. I had a serious case of startitis.
Needless to say there were a lot of needles to put away and I finally found my size 6's.

Miss Aurora found a newly emptied yarn basket and immediately meowed and crawled in for a much needed nap. She spent the afternoon chasing yarn balls and knocking the needles on the floor. I suppose all that activity would tire anyone.

Finally sigh a finished pair of socks. The Monkey pattern is one of my favorite go-to sock patterns. These are the no-purl Monkeys. I made these from Socks That Rock but for heaven's sake, don't ask me the colorway. I lose
labels all the time and I only know a yarn by the feel, dye process and twist.

Honestly this dog is so nosey. Mr. Bettis just had to check out what I was doing.

By the way, he has a very wet nose.