Sunday, March 14, 2010

When it Rains.........

The crick's are a'risin' around here. There were 260 inches of snow in the mountains. We've had rain and warm temps and the snow is bound to melt. This is a repeat of the Flood of 1996 here.

This is a picture of the flood project that was built in the 1930's due to the destructive flood of 1936.
There are warnings today of major flooding.

The Narrows is the orginal Gateway to the West and consists of Wills Creek and a small road sandwiched between to mountains. I took this picture on the bank of the Creek.
Authorities were a bit more wise than back in 1996 and people have been evacuated from their homes and businesses along the bank.

When it rains it pours. That is a fact but around here when it rains, trouble ensues.
Mr. Bettis has been restricted on his outdoor antics of racing, ripping and playing due to the rain/mud. Obviously he had nothing to do and we caught him shredding the 6 month old comforter!!!! He's in trouble. He's in BIG trouble!
As destructive as he can be sometimes, this is destruction out of the ordinary.

Upon a bit of investigation we discovered the Brat (Gypsy) buried her treats under the comforter. Sissy and Gretchen kindly sent treats awhile back and they're Gypsy's favorite. She hides them everywhere and Mr. B spends a lot of time hunting them down. He's still in trouble though and is placing a desperate woof to his attorney.


Laura Neal said...

Wow, that is a lot of rain coming down. Sunny and warm again here. I am staying home today, no out of town visits or things to take care of. Yay! I have plans to sit and knit on my sock and to finish up the professional knit I was hired to do.
Poor Mr. Bettis, he was just looking for treats. His buddy, Ody ate a brand new pair of shoes the other day so, they are both on the same wave length.

Channon said...

Sorry for your flooding, and the indoor destruction. Gretchen attempted to divert some of the attention with her own digging in the red clay. No, there are no photos because I had to stand on the deck in the rain and give her a sponge bath so the red LEGGED and HEADED terrier could come in!

Nichole said...

Uh-uh Mr B.......... Zeus thinks you better run!

Marjie said...

My broker in New Jersey had that kind of rain, but we were far enough inland that we "only" got about 2" of rain. Mr. B had better up his attorney's retainer after shredding that quilt. However, Thor thinks he was just making it more comfy.

Your verification word is "dogickie". It must refer to waht Mr. B will look like after going outside.

Alison said...

Good luck and I hope it all comes out okay! We had our supposedly 100 year flood a dozen years ago, and a friend of mine woke up to find her waterbed had taken on new meaning, floating around the bedroom.

--AlisonH at

Bubblesknits said...

Please advise Mr. Bettis that his attorney is aware of the situation and should someone find him floating in flood waters, we will know who to point the paw at. ;-)

Try to stay dry and don't strangle Mr. Bettis!!! lol

Anita said...

See, it's the other animals in the house setting him up! LOL Poor thing is bored. ;)

Wow, that's a lot of rain! I hope you have dried out a bit by now.