Monday, March 01, 2010

Animal Kingdom

I took the notion to clean my knitting nest corner and room. Took me most of the day but I accomplished quite a bit. I frogged quite a few projects that were cast on during the snowstorms. I had a serious case of startitis.
Needless to say there were a lot of needles to put away and I finally found my size 6's.

Miss Aurora found a newly emptied yarn basket and immediately meowed and crawled in for a much needed nap. She spent the afternoon chasing yarn balls and knocking the needles on the floor. I suppose all that activity would tire anyone.

Finally sigh a finished pair of socks. The Monkey pattern is one of my favorite go-to sock patterns. These are the no-purl Monkeys. I made these from Socks That Rock but for heaven's sake, don't ask me the colorway. I lose
labels all the time and I only know a yarn by the feel, dye process and twist.

Honestly this dog is so nosey. Mr. Bettis just had to check out what I was doing.

By the way, he has a very wet nose.


Anita said...

Awww, Miss Aurora looks so sweet curled up in that basket. :)
I'm still painting & wishing I could move all my "stuff" into the room...
Great socks!!

And what a sweet nose Mr. B has. LOL

Grace said...

I cleaned up my spot on sunday morning while Tom was grocery chopping, moved the chair to a new spot and rearranged all the extraneous stuff, (by putting it all in the bedroom) now when I feel better I have to go put all of that somewhere!! I am talking only 4 rooms here including kitchen and bath and 2 total closets!!

The basket shot is just perfect

Channon said...

Smoooch Mr B on the nose for us!! Love the kitty in the basket shot. Congrats on the socks. I do want to try that pattern.

Bubblesknits said...

A very wet nose that needs a big smooch! :-) Love the socks, btw.

Nichole said...

I just love those 2 pics... that basket was just meant for her, wasn't it? And the nose... :)

The socks rock!

Laura Neal said...

I love the big nose picture! Makes me laugh. The kitty in the basket looks like fleece that needs spinning up. I had to look twice and then I saw that little ear. Awww!