Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yarn Diet Confession

Alright I must confess..........I am off the yarn diet.
Here's why:
1. I have many internet knitting friends who heard I was on this yarn diet. They bombarded me with yarn sale emails. (in spite of this unorthodox behavior I will still consider them to be very dear friends)

2. My non-knitting daughter found the most beautiful fair isle sweater pattern and asked me to knit one for her. Fair isle is my absolute favorite to knit. (anytime a child asks for a hand-knitted item it is a miracle in and of itself.) And if this item is something the knitter postively loves to knit requires said knitter to grab the needles, the yarn and knit this item for the non-knitting child

3. I went to my stash room (yes it is an entire room of stacked containers, bags and boxes) to look for the yarn. I. DON'T. HAVE. ANY. YARN! Now I know what you're thinking, how can that be? Let me re-phrase: I don't have any fingering weight yarn in the colors that she wants.

4. My friend (and she knows who she is) and I were "helping" each other on this yarn diet. But she succumbed first to the temptation and then gave me the "okay".

5. Buying yarn is better than eating chocolate (unless one eats M&M's for each complete knitted row and the project gauges at 7 rows to an inch then one is entitled to M&M's or any other chocolate for that matter)

Today I clicked and ordered the Palette yarn in the requested colors from KnitPicks. I will patiently wait for the package to arrive so I can start this beautiful sweater. (a winter coat and scarf should keep me warm while I "hang around" outside at the mailbox everyday)

P.S. I hereby promise to not let this sweater become another UFO!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

SYA sock yarn addiction...HELP!

I am trying to refrain from buying sock yarn. I have surfed the net and I can almost feel the yarn running through my fingers like liquid gold. I looked on BMF's sock that rock and lo and behold they're having quite a problem with their bank. Seems they don't believe there could be that many knitters signing up for their STR Club. Gimmee' a break, executives! We knitters are a force to be reckoned with.
However, I will take the inconvenience of placing an order by phone as an omen for me that I cannot succumb to the sock yarn addiction that I suffer. I will get through this..........for now. But just how long can this last? I am crumbling over here.............................HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Boldly Stand to yarn temptation

Okay.........you know who you are........those people out there who tempt me with yarn. Beautiful yarn, drop dead gorgeous yarn, vivid colored yarn, soft yarn, sock yarn (my biggest downfall) and good yarn at a good price ...........you know I can't resist good yarn at a good price. But I must!

I WILL resist internet sales. I WILL resist any emails concerning yarn and if one friend offers a trip to a LYS, I WILL decline (unless of course it would hurt the friend's feelings then I have no choice than to go).

I WILL use my stash for my projects and empty containers (You know? the ones my DH counted that I reported on a former post)

I boldly stand before you with needles in hand and totes of UFOs ready for a yarn war. I WILL NOT SUCCUMB to yarn temptation! I WILL DEFEAT THIS! The chant must begin...I will not buy yarn, I will not buy yarn...........

P.S. I will follow all of the above rules just as soon as I check my mail to see if a certain friend (and she knows who I'm talkin' about) has sent me another yarn sale.
P.S.S. The credit card is hidden.........(in my pocket)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Shawls, socks and bears...oh my!

These are WIP. A shawl that I put aside for myself. Gifts for Christmas took precedence over my shawl. I plan to have it knitted by the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May.

Socks for ..you guessed it! ME of course. I bought this yarn the same time I purchased the above shawl yarn at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2006. I'm feeling a little guilty about not having this yarn knitted already. Not sure why..as I have a LOT of yarn from previous Maryland festivals that is aging nicely. Like a fine wine, yarn ages well. (Unless of course stupid moths get into it).

Last but not least a tiny little teddy bear. I don't normally crochet but these little creatures are just too cute. Besides, they are very tolerant of my knitting, they don't sass back and they are grateful for handknitted garments. This little bear is patiently waiting to be finished. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Footnote: There are MANY more WIP but I thought I would only show a few. I'd be blogging all night if I showed all of them and I need to knit instead.......

Friday, January 05, 2007

KSTC=Knit Stash Control

I have a serious problem over here. KSTC meaning Knit Stash Control. The DH decided to count my stash containers in my separate off-limits room. HOW DARE HE! I must confess that he is unaware of closet stash, underbed stash and space bags.

Do I go to his area and count his nail stash? Each and every nail? Do I count his power tools and hand tools? Even though he owns several saw, hammers and screwdrivers? The answer? NO I DO NOT! But he decided that he HAD to do this. Okay. So he came up with a figure that was a bit daunting. Does it matter? NOPE! But I took a second look and humbly bowed my head (to myself) and decided I must knit from the stash. So I am off to knit afghans, sweaters, accessories and many many socks. I will be proud when I have knit all this. (Forget the fact that I will be years knitting this stuff.) I can only hope that I have the right color, the right weight, the right yardage for all of my knitting.

I have not purchased any yarn for 11 days. I deserve a pat on the back (or maybe a skein of yarn?) I am heading out of town today to see the DD that just moved out on her own. (Her room became another hidden stash area but the DH doesn't know that)I must admit that I printed a coupon for AC Moore and I plan to visit a LYS in that area (but only to look at patterns). I will be good, I will be good, I will be good...........

I'll let you know what I saw at these stores.

P.S. The DH is still alive after having the audacity to check out my stash room. He swore he would die in there from so much yarn. NO! But count my yarn containers again and well............never mind.