Thursday, July 24, 2014

That defining moment....

That defining moment in Life when it's necessary to bond with a nice wine and listen to some Sinatra music.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Not Fair

Ok girls (and any guys who read this), let's talk. After seeing pictures of myself lately I decided it was time to take off a few pounds. So I ventured to the market and spent $$$'s on "healthy foods" and trust me, it's pricey. I did some calculation based on my lifestyle of little exercise and came up with a good plan (or so it appeared). Plenty of fruits and vegetables, little starch (breads, pancakes etc) and meat along with my milk. Yes, I must have a nice cold glass of milk a day and I'm not talking about that watered down 1% stuff. I want MILK!
No candy, cookies, cakes, chips etc allowed.
I have been on this stupid diet for 2+ weeks and have never been so disappointed in my life. I weighed myself and not one ounce has disappeared. Hubby is on the same diet and he lost 5 pounds! yes, I know the whole man/woman/diet saga, it ranks right up there with childbirth, exercise etc when it comes to the comparison and I'm not happy.

 I have eaten enough carrots and lettuce that even the rabbits are wondering if there will be any left for them. Water: I've drank and retained enough to rival a camel and rice cakes....really? No flavor, yes I know they come in flavors but let's get real folks. *sigh* at this rate I may need to grow a rice paddy in my backyard.
What I wouldn't give for a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie....
 or a mini ice cream cone. But noooooo....I'll grab a carrot stick and try my best to pretend it's a potato chip. The husband picked up donuts on our Sunday trip. I did not give in to temptation, he ate two and he lost weight??? Perhaps I should check those scales and see if he's rigged them.
It is unfair I should endure a total of 36 months of morning sickness, waddling like a duck and labor pain (although I fared rather well in that dept only suffering thru a total of 8 hours for 4 kids) and then another 6 months trying to lose to get back into my own clothing. It is unfair that I am 'punished' after those childbearing years with a body that has suddenly compared to that of the male species; thickening waist, little chin hairs etc. REALLY? If I wanted a beard, I'd knit one! (yes there are patterns to knit beards).
Forgive the rant, I'm on sugar withdrawal.....and if I see that husband of mine eating another donut, I'm smashing it and filing separation papers....LOL

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time Travels

The Pritchard house is a historic landmark and one we toured while traveling back in time. Quite interesting to learn the lady of the house sat on the balcony and watched her children play but when the battles of Kernstown took place the only thing she saw from the balcony was a bloody battle with hundreds of dead soldiers and horses. I can't even imagine the fear of her and her family.

The hubby and I.
It was an awesome day of learning and I'm so glad we took our friends' offer to join them. There will be many more events and we're ready to go.
The sad part of it all was the fact we traveled back in time to an era and when we left the area we passed shopping strip malls, one after the other. It was rather striking to admit we have become a society of 'stuff' and for the most part, throw away stuff. We plan to change that in our lives.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back in Time

Contrary to the following pics of a re-created past (and there are a lot of 'em) we're beginning a new phase of our life as empty nesters. We have vowed to do more "couple" activities and we're fortunate enough to have dear old friends (don't tell them I said old ;) ) who have introduced us to the world of Civil War re-enactments. It was a beautiful day and we began our journey at 8 am.
A true southern belle resting in the shade.
 A demonstration of fashion included these ladies. Seven layers of clothing before donning the final dress. Surprisingly the undergarments kept them cooler than one can imagine and the poor Irish dirt farmer only owned 2-3 dresses in the day.
 The Calvary arriving on the scene for battle.
 A cannon shot....KA-BOOM! I tried to capture this picture without modern people but this person moved 3 times and then stood right in the way of the pic. Oh was still an amazing event.
 Sharp shooters and I'm shocked they didn't get shot due to the time it takes to re-load their guns.
 The 18th Virginia of Imboden's Brigade
 See this guy? His name is Dusty. My friend and I fell in love with him. He and I bonded for over an hour while talking with his soldier. He actually rested his head on my shoulder and slept for awhile. I love horses. Our daughter owned one for many years and while they're a lot of work, they're worth every moment. Something about their warm breathe, beautiful eyes and their distinctive smell (and horse lovers know what I mean) just melts my heart.
We concluded our day enjoying a delicious meal with our friends. They have no idea what it means to us to enjoy this outing and we're looking forward to another re-enactment over my birthday weekend.
P.S. Hubby and I were talking (non-stop) about the day and we have thoughts about present day living compared to 'back then'. I'll reserve that rant for a later post as I want this one to leave you with warm thoughts, reflections and smiles.