Thursday, August 21, 2014

Road Trip

We took a road trip. Of course our road trips are never just trips, they are always (and I do mean always) 'adventures.' I use that term loosely. Hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to a donut as we hit the road at 4 am. One half mile from the house we saw deer on the right in a neighbor's yard. Ok. We live in a heavily populated deer area (great for filling the freezer). We slowed down and outta nowhere? KA-BAM! A doe! She cracked the headlight shield. Let me just say THAT woke us up for certain.
We went straight to the market to calm our nerves with a donut. No donuts! At this point I looked at hubby and said, "is this a sign? Should we cancel the trip?" We said a quick prayer and took off.

The trunk and back seat were loaded. The husband accused me of packing enough yarn projects for a month. Hey! A 12 hour trip requires a lot of knitting options. What if we're stuck in traffic? Been there, done that with no knitting and I wasn't about to chance it.
More trip pics to come...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bear with me...

A lot going on in this neck of the woods or should I say, my mind. On overload here and I'm doing my best to put on a good front. After the front performance, I collapse into a deep sleep just like a bear in hibernation.
My posting will be limited and I will be scarce on social media. I need some "me" time to re-group me, myself and I.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My friends...

I long for the old days. The days of carefree attitude, fun and freedom. I'll try to refrain from posting my TRUE thoughts here but divisions in life are difficult whether by politics, finance, personality, family etc, sometimes it feels overwhelming to the soul.
Quite frankly these are the times I immerse myself into my hobbies. I'd much rather spend time not thinking about those very things I SHOULD be thinking.

Meet Dorothy. A great pattern to knit and dolls are my friends. I happen to have my dolls of the past.  Well, most of them although I'm missing my Chatty Cathy doll that my dad bought for me a long time ago (I won't mention how long ago ;) ). I'm also missing a stuffed skunk who had a vinyl face. I loved that skunk. He slept in a doll cradle with my dolls and I was the kid who could not sleep unless my dolls were lined up, warmed with a blanket and I did not allow their faces to be covered...they must breathe, you know ;)

 I had a very vivid imagination as a child and I've been blessed to retain some of that childlike imagination (comes in handy when caring/playing with grandkids ;) ).
Life is complicated and too often overwhelming so on that little note today I'm going to turn on some music from the 1940's, grab my knitting and scrapbooking and enjoy living in own little world surrounded by my friends of the past.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

And Life goes on....

Just when Life hands lemons and one thinks "you've got to be kidding me?" One reaches into the depths of the mind for happy moments. I know these are repeats but they bring a smile to my face. All I need is to go back a few weeks to bring a happy smile and Folks? This is what Life is all about.
One of the loves of my Life... animals/pets. They certainly bring peace and harmony (unless Mr. Bettis is at it again)to my Life. We are considering becoming a horse owner once again. A lot of work but I miss it.
 A friend's niece who insisted on a picture of us together. She was truly a delight to spend time at our anniversary party and brought innocent child humor to brighten everyone.
 Our daughters bring nothing but joy to our lives and I don't know what I would do without their sarcasm and humor. (some have said, they're just like their mother ;) ). I know this is a repeat, but we are still in awe of the secret party they planned and and pulled off.
                                                              Family love...
                                  A precious tender moment between auntie and nephew.
 My sisters (this is the youngest and the only one of our wedding crew who was in attendance at the party) bring their own platter of humor and snark to an event...ya gotta laugh.
 A beautiful memory of the youngest daughter with dad at her honors ceremony a few years ago. Has it really been that long ago? Daily phone calls from her usually bring nothing but chuckles and snark...she's a chip off the ole block and we look forward to those calls.
         Our Life with Widget. He's growing like a weed and developing his own little personality. We have been blessed to enjoy every precious moment of his new Life.

                                            Our daughter and her precious son.
Our youngest son and his boys. I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for the little ones since the oldest was an infant. They live a few hours away so I stayed with this lovely family for 2-3 days a week. I'll cherish those memories and hold them close to my heart. I have been replaced/sacked (as we refer to it ;) ) in lieu of daycare. I'll save my rant of daycare for another time. Although I'll miss the boys, we honor and respect the parents' decision. I have been approached by a few locals who want to hire my services so when one door closes another door opens. Time will tell. As for now, I'm going to the take the time to concentrate on our life as empty nesters and that time is booking quickly.

I have learned to tune out a person/conversation by reaching into these memories. They bring a smile and make people wonder what I'm thinking. 
Life is much too short for idiosyncrasies/issues. Seriously folks? At the end of the day do they really matter? After the past 6 months of watching loved ones pass on before us, we're grabbing Life by the tail. We are still reeling over the loss of our brother-in-law who was taken too soon and that will take time.
We have been blessed with loving family and of course our dear friends of whom I couldn't survive Life's lemons without. 
God Bless each and every member of my family and our dear friends who have been there in the past year thru trials and tribulations of our Life' lemons as well as the blessed moments. You are and have been a true blessing and I cherish each and everyone of you.