Friday, April 18, 2014

Peace of Life

The past 2 1/2 months have been busy, sad and reflective. We have lost a family member and it's been a rough time here. A best friend of the hubby who also married my sister passed from this earthly life and was laid to rest on Good Friday. Gone too soon, we will never forget he was a wonderful friend, Navy veteran, husband, father and brother-in-law of 30 years. I want to thank each and every friend, our church family and those of our immediate family who have been there every step of the past difficult few months with their concerns, phone calls, heartfelt prayers, hugs and visits. We appreciate your love and support more than you know.

It's tough moving on but we will pull up our Appalachian bootstraps and overcome. DH and I have made conscious and deliberate decisions concerning our Life in the past few weeks. Everything will be given careful thought; every action, word, grudge etc will be weighed on the scale of: will it matter at the end of the day of Life. I encourage everyone to do the same. 
Life is much too short to be drawn into unproductive drama. 
The past 40 days of hiatus from social media for Lent has been enlightening for me. I have changed and the past few weeks' worth of blog posting has revealed some of that change. 
We will move on and spend the rest of our days enjoying our life together. At the end of the day, ultimately it is "just us" and for that we are blessed.

Life....realizing to forgive and forget is the most important rule of a peaceful life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tree of Life

It's been a tough winter in more ways than one. I am most grateful for the prayers and support of my friends. Without you (and you know who you are), the unsuspected card that Life threw our way would've been much more difficult. My heart is breaking for my family but joyful for the many blessings that have been bestowed. 

May each and every one of you be blessed. branches of a tree, we may grow in different directions yet our roots remain the same

Stylin' and Profilin'

Hats. I adore hats. Big hats, little hats, vintage hats make me giddy. They're a classy accessory and yes it's important to find the hat that 'fits' y-o-u in style, size, color and fabric. I had a great-great Aunt Lee who was a hat maker. She owned a little store downtown and sold her wares along with some beautiful silk scarves and embroidered hankies. I vaguely recall going into town with my grandparents on a Saturday afternoon and visiting the store (I was about 5 yrs old). Thin boxes were stacked with hankies and scarves and my Aunt Lee would playfully put hats on me and then hold a round stand mirror to see the new accessory. 
 Nothing says class like a man in a hat. I do wish society would return to a classier dress style than the no-style- wear-what-you-want (including pjs) of today. Makes me cringe.
Previously thought for boys only, I saw a young girl sporting this same style and I liked it so my sewing machine was put to work. It's important to protect kids' (and adult) faces from the summer sun. I hope these fit the bill (hat bill, that is ;) ). They're certainly fun for the hat maker
                        Another little hat for a girl. A traditional summer style for anyone.
 The hats were shipped and yes, I used tracking considering our pony express postal service. They are to arrive by the weekend but a birdie informant has tweeted (I'm not referring to social media) the recipients are not home nor will they be home to receive them. Oh well....they'll either be forwarded or someone else will be sportin' these hats.
I say whoever receives them, wear them in style :D

Monday, April 14, 2014

Love Bears All Things

A visit with family yesterday reminded me of my favorite verse, Love Bears All Things (1 Cor. 13:7). 
Our nephew had a heart felt visit with my husband and I know the man-to-man talk was good for both of them. 
I will shush now and let the bears speak for themselves.
Bear-Bear and Just Bear here; We belong to Chem-girl and have been her life long companions since she was 6 months old (whew! That's a long time). We have enjoyed many tea parties, bicycle rides, suffered thru surgeries (foot and nose) of our own and of course her own surgeries and sickness. Every year our girl's mom would knit brand new sweaters for us to sport on Christmas Day. To see her delight every Christmas morning when she spotted us under the tree was priceless. We live at her homeplace because she fears we will be lost in her new home but we'll always be by her side in bear spirit.

 Hi, I'm Edward Bruin with my pal, Little Blue. The author of this blog created us. I'm a replica of what she perceives her husband to be, a brute with a gentle heart walking in the woods caring for creatures large and small. I was given to a little girl family member and although my creator is uncertain of my where-abouts, I can assure her I'm on bear duty.
Hello, I'm Little Blue and I was born a few years ago from a vision of my creator. I'm only 2 1/2 inches tall and humans always ask if I can move. Of course I can move, I'm fully jointed. I reside with my creator and I watch as she knits and sews for others. 
It's me here, I have been contemplating returning to my bear making. They bring peace and joy to me and if I only make them for myself, they're worth every stitch. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Please Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Daisies are my favorite flower. They seem to smile :).
One of my favorite movies and actresses, Doris Day. I much prefer older movies for various reasons; less violence, profanity etc than the newer movies of today.  I Love Lucy (literally) is one of my all time favorite tv shows and when I want a laugh the old movies/shows never fail.

In honor of the movie I'm casting on for this sweater. Made of fingering weight yarn, it will be perfect for all seasons. I seem to have a case of knitting startitis and I'm going to blame the 

The reviews for this sweater are very positive and when knitters say they are going to knit another one then I know it needs to be added to my library. 
A beautiful, warm Sunday, a day to reflect and enjoy.