Saturday, August 20, 2016


It's been a long time since I've posted. Too long, in fact. 
Not even certain where to begin. So much has happened and yet? Either I can't recall most of it or else it's no longer significant. Anyhow, I'm still knitting/sewing/scrapping and living life in general. 

I'm on an academic school year schedule. Due to snow and cold the school year was extended to the end of June. It begins again tomorrow. Short summer. The days are getting shorter and it feels like fall. I noticed the clouds look "puffy", they're fall clouds.

It's canning season so I'm in full canning mode: peaches, corn, green beans and tomatoes...lots and lots of tomatoes. Three bushels of tomatoes. We have canned whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, salsa, pasta sauce and tomato sauce. Next up will be pickles and applesauce and the canning kitchen will be closed for another year. 
I can't believe it's only been a few weeks since we opened the pool, did a little planting and now we're gearing up to winterize. For now, we're going to enjoy the warmth (although it's been a bit too warm) and anticipate crisp air, sweater weather, pumpkin everything and the beauty fall.

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