Friday, April 30, 2010

Lookin' on the Bright Side

I'm glad this week is almost over. Recovery is s-l-o-w and frustrating. The week began with issues and steadily became worse as it progressed. But I'll spare the details and look for the brighter things in Life.

A package arrived yesterday chock full of goodies.

Jessi sent a trio of books and a beautiful handmade card (which I forgot to include in the photograph). A card magazine full of ideas and it's already dog-eared. No, Mr. Bettis didn't dog ear the

The Toe-up Socks for Everyone is an excellent sock pattern book. This book is chock full of fun and intriguing patterns for everyone. Yarn is ready and waiting for me to choose the first pattern. Last but not least in this pick-me-up package was the Knitsimple magazine, full of fresh spring knitting ideas.

Thank you, Jessi, these books will keep me off the knee and resting.

Chan introduced me to the world of card making and I dove into another hobby. I know you're thinking I don't need another hobby's so much fun.
The youngest DD owns a few stamps. I put them to good use. The cards are not fancy by any means but I have had so much fun and now the new card book will add to my fun.

I finally finished my Yellow Dandy shawl. I love it. The pattern was a bit of a challenge at first but it soon was a joy to knit. I've already cast on for another one.

The DH showed up with these. He knows I love lilacs.
So on his way home from work he found these growing in a meadow and stopped to cut a few branches. I hope this wasn't a private meadow, he could be a wanted man....LOL
They're cut and in a mason jar (yep, just like my grandmother used to do) Lilacs bring so many happy memories of my childhood. Isn't it interesting how certain smells conjure memories?

I wish all of you lived closer so we could visit and knit for awhile. We could sip some hot or iced tea, munch on homemade shortbread and enjoy the lovely lilac aroma giving way to yet another happy memory.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Chester

The college DD attended a college event where T-shirts and saplings were given away and of course she wasn't about to miss the event. She is now the proud owner of a chestnut tree to keep in her dorm until she comes home next month. Please meet Chester.

We asked how she was going to care for a tree on the 8th floor of a dorm and apparently she and her roommate have a plan.
Chester sits in the window during the day and retires to a dresser at night. The DD plans to walk Chester outdoors this weekend so "he can get some much needed sunshine." Her roommate has offered to "plant-sit." We're in a freeze warning tonite so thank goodness Chester is there and not here or I'd get a call to knit a tree sweater.

We're waiting for a phone call from the campus concerning a certain young woman walking a tree named "Chester." We're screening the calls.....LOL

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise Package

Surprise! A package arrived yesterday from Chan.
She knows I have a fascination with card-making so she sent a package of goodies so I can play. (or more like create another hobby;).

I opened the box and couldn't wait to sit down and play. A trimmer, stamp set, cards and a journal were packed inside.

This is my very first card. Not perfect in any way but I had so much fun with it.
I have plans. I have BIG plans with this new found hobby.
The DH is calling Chan an enabler.....LOL

Thank you so much dear friend. Your thoughtfulness will brighten my days.

The empty box fascinated the cats. Normally they climb inside for a much needed nap but they rejected the idea after a sniff test. I think it may have been the treats that were included for Mr. Bettis & Co. that turned them off.

These treats were a BIG hit! I've never seen the crew go after treats like they went after this package. They were sniffing the inside of the box before I could even get to the goodies.
Peanut butter creme sandwich cookies from the girls, Sissy and Gretchen.

Mr. Bettis had a sniff and I had to grab the package from his mouth. They each got a cookie and Mr. B licked his chops afterward for 10 minutes.
I will be purchasing these for good behavior only. *sigh* it will either encourage good behavior or I may end up with a stock pile of peanut butter dog cookies.
Mr. Bettis & Co send big kisses to Chan, Sissy and Gretchen for the yummy cookies.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week's End

It's another weekend and it looks like rain is in the forecast.

Spring has arrived in all her glory. I'm not a huge fan of spring or summer. Spring is a fickle season. Can't seem to make up her mind if it's going to be warm or cool/rain or sun.

This year, spring has spent a lot of time coming to full bloom therefore insisting on pollen sticking around a bit longer than normal. All well and good until the honeysuckle arrives. I am highly allergic to honeysuckle and it grows wild in our yard. aaahhh-choooo.

For those who inquired about the shawl pattern, it's the Gail (aka Nightsong). This is not a center stitch increase pattern but I added a center stitch in order to keep better track of the pattern repeats.
It's almost finished :).

Here's Mr. Bettis and Miss Gypsy sharing a moment together. As you can see he is on alert. The cat entered the room and of course he thinks it is his duty to monitor her activity.

Ho-hum. She only climbed on a chair and took a nap and it's raining outside. Nothing better to do but take a nap too.

We don't have any specific plans this weekend.
My MIL's birthday is today so we're hoping to catch up with her this weekend to celebrate her special day.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life's little light

The days are getting longer therefore shedding light on Life itself. Trust me, it's been quite an eye-opener.
On to my knitting.
I dyed this yarn a sunny yellow and cast on another shawl. It's nearing the finish line and I can't wait to block it. It's mine. All mine.

I wanted to start a sweater and I dug in the stash. Found 2 skeins of Melody Superwash and a few skeins of Knitpicks Gloss Fingering. Took my size US 6 needles and cast on. This sweater is a secret so I can't mention the intended person but I know it will be deeply appreciated.
One of Life's little eye-opener is my gift knitting.
I'm taking a new look at it. Some people just don't either a)appreciate the knitting or b) don't have a clue on the countless hours choosing the pattern, yarn and time knitting the gift.
I've taken notice to this over the years and have zapped a few from the gift knitting list. I must admit this allows more time to knit for those who appreciate the hard work and a little time to knit for self :).

Another of Life's little eye-openers are my pets. While Mr. Bettis can be quite a handfull at times he truly brings me joy (please don't spread this around).
My pets always greet me as if I'm a new friend. They're a happy bunch (sometimes a bit too happy but hey, you gotta take it as they give it).
If Mr. Bettis appreciated my knitting a little more, he'd get a handknit sweater but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Instead I'll cast on for those who appreciate handknits or for self :).

So how do you decide who gets your handknit items?

Monday, April 19, 2010


Time passes slowly around here.
I'm trying to get back into the swing of life. Not going quite as planned but I won't give up.
I had some starter dough in the fridge so I snagged some of it and made homemade bread. There's nothing like a cup of tea and a slice of warm homebaked bread slathered with butter. I sent pics to the college DD and she is drooling on her monitor....LOL
She has a list of home cookin' when she gets home, grilled chicken, Cherokee fried bread, cookies and the list grows by the day.

I've been staring at the spinning wheel trying to figure out how I could spin my mountain of fiber. Try spinning a right pedal wheel with the left leg....didn't go so well but I did manage to see what the fiber will look like when spun.

Tomorrow will be spent trying to clean out 'stuff'. Hopefully I'll get farther with that than the rest of the tasks I've undertaken.
In the meantime, I'm casting on projects. A sweater, shawl, socks, afghan etc. Pictures will come later.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Sorts

It's been a very s-l-o-w week which has only put me in a funky mood.

Mr. Bettis has re-discovered his talent of head-butting the storm door to get outside. Now if he could only learn to get back inside. I'm certain we'll be purchasing another door latch soon.
Miss Gypsy follows him and Miss Molly stands guard at the door.
The spring/summer activities have returned, Mr. Squirrel and Wascally Wabbit make their rounds every day. Occasionally the bear and deer show up as well. It's going to be another l-o-n-g summer *sigh*.

The DH decided to do some patch work on the living room walls. He was in construction for years and yet when he does work here, he fails to use plastic coverings.
I wish he fixed this a few years ago before I painted the walls green. Of course we no longer have any of the green paint left and we couldn't match it. Out came the bucket of cream paint and that was the designated job of the weekend.

I appointed myself supervisor.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Causes

The college DD is walking for a few important causes this month. My MIL and SIL are breast cancer survivors so the Relay for Life is a personal fight of our DD.
If you'd like to donate to the Find a Cure Autism SpeaksU 5K Race/3K Walk and/or the American Cancer Society Relay for Life please click the donate links below. She created small goals due to the economy but will be grateful if donations exceed those goals.
Remember there's no donation that is too small and we send a BIG Thank You!

Event:"Fear the Turtle, Find a Cure Autism SpeaksU 5K Race/3K Walk"Date: April 17, 2010Info: raises money for Autism SpeaksU. Autism Speaks is a program dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

Event: The American Cancer Society Relay for LifeDate: April 17-18, 2010Info: raises money for the American Cancer Society. The Society is saving lives by helping people stay well and get well by finding cures and by fighting back.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

A New Beginning

I'm in a funky kind of mood. I'm missing the fun holiday preparations. However I know and understand the true meaning of Easter therefore I will humbly celebrate the holiday.
p.s. I think I want a bunny :). Off to convince the DH.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


My knitting needles were flying pre-surgery. I made MC a sweater vest. Using stash cotton with silk bits, it looks like an Easter Egg.

I forgot to take pics before we left the house so I took one in the car. Not the best picture but I love this pattern and my DIL seemed pleased with it.

There was an odd ball skein of unknown yarn in my stash and it was begging to be used. I grabbed a crochet hook and made a scarf. Took one hour and it was finished.
I need to find more yarn similar to this one. Long color repeats and only 100 yds makes this little beauty.

Intoducing Miss Puddlejump. I knitted this little pattern in a few hours. Love how she turned out. In case anyone is wondering, it's an Alan Dart pattern in the UK Simply Knitting Spring issue. A very quick knit with great results.

Miss Puddlejump is taking a trip. We can't get the college DD home for the Easter holiday :-( so Easter is coming to her.
The Rabbit put on his thinking cap and came up with a great idea, Build-a-basket!

There's a collapsed basket, colored grass, eggs (no, not real ones), candy, homemade peanut butter egg and many other goodies. She can build her own basket.
Jessi, please tell Mr. Tooth there's a toothbrush packed. Rabbit has always put toothbrushes in the baskets around here.
I think she'll have fun with this package.