Friday, April 30, 2010

Lookin' on the Bright Side

I'm glad this week is almost over. Recovery is s-l-o-w and frustrating. The week began with issues and steadily became worse as it progressed. But I'll spare the details and look for the brighter things in Life.

A package arrived yesterday chock full of goodies.

Jessi sent a trio of books and a beautiful handmade card (which I forgot to include in the photograph). A card magazine full of ideas and it's already dog-eared. No, Mr. Bettis didn't dog ear the

The Toe-up Socks for Everyone is an excellent sock pattern book. This book is chock full of fun and intriguing patterns for everyone. Yarn is ready and waiting for me to choose the first pattern. Last but not least in this pick-me-up package was the Knitsimple magazine, full of fresh spring knitting ideas.

Thank you, Jessi, these books will keep me off the knee and resting.

Chan introduced me to the world of card making and I dove into another hobby. I know you're thinking I don't need another hobby's so much fun.
The youngest DD owns a few stamps. I put them to good use. The cards are not fancy by any means but I have had so much fun and now the new card book will add to my fun.

I finally finished my Yellow Dandy shawl. I love it. The pattern was a bit of a challenge at first but it soon was a joy to knit. I've already cast on for another one.

The DH showed up with these. He knows I love lilacs.
So on his way home from work he found these growing in a meadow and stopped to cut a few branches. I hope this wasn't a private meadow, he could be a wanted man....LOL
They're cut and in a mason jar (yep, just like my grandmother used to do) Lilacs bring so many happy memories of my childhood. Isn't it interesting how certain smells conjure memories?

I wish all of you lived closer so we could visit and knit for awhile. We could sip some hot or iced tea, munch on homemade shortbread and enjoy the lovely lilac aroma giving way to yet another happy memory.


Grace said...

I want to come and knit with you and maybe you can teach me to make a few cards, your shawl is totally lovely and every Mothers Day my oldest cuts lilacs from somewhere and brings them to me, and I adore them!!!

Grace said...

I just googled and you are only 4 3/4 hours away, thats not bad, one of these days I am coming for tea!! master Blocker will be with me too!!

Channon said...

Hooray for care packages to cheer you up. Now you need ribbons and punches and...

Bubblesknits said...

Awww....those are better than store bought flowers. The fact that he saw them and stopped to pick them for you? ::sniffle:: He's a keeper, for sure.

Glad you liked the goodies. :)

Nichole said...

What a great care package! The lilacs are gorgeous... and I love your handmade cards!

Anita said...

Sweet package from Jessie! I love your shawl & your cards, awesome.

Awww, I love lilacs, we had them growing up... too hot for them here. pout