Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Sorts

It's been a very s-l-o-w week which has only put me in a funky mood.

Mr. Bettis has re-discovered his talent of head-butting the storm door to get outside. Now if he could only learn to get back inside. I'm certain we'll be purchasing another door latch soon.
Miss Gypsy follows him and Miss Molly stands guard at the door.
The spring/summer activities have returned, Mr. Squirrel and Wascally Wabbit make their rounds every day. Occasionally the bear and deer show up as well. It's going to be another l-o-n-g summer *sigh*.

The DH decided to do some patch work on the living room walls. He was in construction for years and yet when he does work here, he fails to use plastic coverings.
I wish he fixed this a few years ago before I painted the walls green. Of course we no longer have any of the green paint left and we couldn't match it. Out came the bucket of cream paint and that was the designated job of the weekend.

I appointed myself supervisor.