Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise Package

Surprise! A package arrived yesterday from Chan.
She knows I have a fascination with card-making so she sent a package of goodies so I can play. (or more like create another hobby;).

I opened the box and couldn't wait to sit down and play. A trimmer, stamp set, cards and a journal were packed inside.

This is my very first card. Not perfect in any way but I had so much fun with it.
I have plans. I have BIG plans with this new found hobby.
The DH is calling Chan an enabler.....LOL

Thank you so much dear friend. Your thoughtfulness will brighten my days.

The empty box fascinated the cats. Normally they climb inside for a much needed nap but they rejected the idea after a sniff test. I think it may have been the treats that were included for Mr. Bettis & Co. that turned them off.

These treats were a BIG hit! I've never seen the crew go after treats like they went after this package. They were sniffing the inside of the box before I could even get to the goodies.
Peanut butter creme sandwich cookies from the girls, Sissy and Gretchen.

Mr. Bettis had a sniff and I had to grab the package from his mouth. They each got a cookie and Mr. B licked his chops afterward for 10 minutes.
I will be purchasing these for good behavior only. *sigh* it will either encourage good behavior or I may end up with a stock pile of peanut butter dog cookies.
Mr. Bettis & Co send big kisses to Chan, Sissy and Gretchen for the yummy cookies.


Channon said...

MJ thinks that's a stellar card, first or otherwise! Part of the charm of hand stamped is the imperfections. I'm so glad everything made you happy.

Anita said...

What a great surprise! Chan is so sweet, I don't care what anyone else thinks. SNOL

Bubblesknits said...

Love Mr. Bettis sniffing the package. :) 'Course, I love any pictures of my favorite client.

Great package!!! And you did great on your card...I think it's very pretty.

Nichole said...

Great surprise... I got one too (and so did the kids)! lol :) Chan is wonderful... and she knows just what to spoil us with...

LOVE that card!