Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life's little light

The days are getting longer therefore shedding light on Life itself. Trust me, it's been quite an eye-opener.
On to my knitting.
I dyed this yarn a sunny yellow and cast on another shawl. It's nearing the finish line and I can't wait to block it. It's mine. All mine.

I wanted to start a sweater and I dug in the stash. Found 2 skeins of Melody Superwash and a few skeins of Knitpicks Gloss Fingering. Took my size US 6 needles and cast on. This sweater is a secret so I can't mention the intended person but I know it will be deeply appreciated.
One of Life's little eye-opener is my gift knitting.
I'm taking a new look at it. Some people just don't either a)appreciate the knitting or b) don't have a clue on the countless hours choosing the pattern, yarn and time knitting the gift.
I've taken notice to this over the years and have zapped a few from the gift knitting list. I must admit this allows more time to knit for those who appreciate the hard work and a little time to knit for self :).

Another of Life's little eye-openers are my pets. While Mr. Bettis can be quite a handfull at times he truly brings me joy (please don't spread this around).
My pets always greet me as if I'm a new friend. They're a happy bunch (sometimes a bit too happy but hey, you gotta take it as they give it).
If Mr. Bettis appreciated my knitting a little more, he'd get a handknit sweater but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Instead I'll cast on for those who appreciate handknits or for self :).

So how do you decide who gets your handknit items?


Nichole said...

Love that shawl!
I always say, there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of our dogs! :)

Grace said...

I think my decision is based on who and what is going on in their lives, do they just need a sign they are loved and I want to comfort them, do they have an actual need, have they expressed a desire in passing for something I can do. Sometimes a color will say to me OHHHH Kathy would like this, or a pattern This is something Channon would like, or just something fun and silly to know I am thinking about them, Your shawl and sweater look wonderful, what pattern for the shawl?

Anita said...

Can't wait to see the shawl blocked, love the color! And the yarns you chose for the sweater are wonderful.

We've talked about the whole gift knitting before, a lot of family is off my list for unappreciation... I only gift knitted/crocheted items to people I know will appreciate them.

Give Mr B a smooch for me will ya? He looks so sweet there in that photo. :)

Channon said...

Melt. You smooch that big dog for me and grab some bulky yarn from your stash and knit him a neck-warmer for next winter!

I knit because I see something that seems right for someone. But as you well know, there are people in my life who have proven themselves not worth of the time and effort I put into a handknit gift...

TamaraLynn said...

Love how that shawl's knitting up...which pattern is it, BTW? As for pets, they're absolutely best friends...part of the family too...I lubs all my four-legged kids! :-)

Bubblesknits said...

I think Mr. Bettis would *love* a hand knit sweater. ;) Love that sunny yellow shawl. It'll be like wrapping yourself in a sunbeam.