Thursday, April 01, 2010


My knitting needles were flying pre-surgery. I made MC a sweater vest. Using stash cotton with silk bits, it looks like an Easter Egg.

I forgot to take pics before we left the house so I took one in the car. Not the best picture but I love this pattern and my DIL seemed pleased with it.

There was an odd ball skein of unknown yarn in my stash and it was begging to be used. I grabbed a crochet hook and made a scarf. Took one hour and it was finished.
I need to find more yarn similar to this one. Long color repeats and only 100 yds makes this little beauty.

Intoducing Miss Puddlejump. I knitted this little pattern in a few hours. Love how she turned out. In case anyone is wondering, it's an Alan Dart pattern in the UK Simply Knitting Spring issue. A very quick knit with great results.

Miss Puddlejump is taking a trip. We can't get the college DD home for the Easter holiday :-( so Easter is coming to her.
The Rabbit put on his thinking cap and came up with a great idea, Build-a-basket!

There's a collapsed basket, colored grass, eggs (no, not real ones), candy, homemade peanut butter egg and many other goodies. She can build her own basket.
Jessi, please tell Mr. Tooth there's a toothbrush packed. Rabbit has always put toothbrushes in the baskets around here.
I think she'll have fun with this package.


Channon said...

You are on a roll! Love all the FOs, and what a sweet idea for the basket in a box! I take it you're feeling okay?

gaylen said...

Sounds like you're feeling a bit better? Love the take Easter to her! Great idea. g

Nichole said...

I just adore that sweater vest... and it looked so darn adorable on her!

Laura Neal said...

Very nice idea for the DD. I love the duck. I have a book called Knit a Square make a toy and it is a quick knit of stuffed toys.
Love the scarf...are you going to share the pattern?? Happy Easter.

Bubblesknits said...

lol I'll be sure to pass along the message. ;)

Love the build a basket. You always send the neatest care packages.

And I *love* all the FO's! Especially that little sweater.

Anita said...

Love your little sweater & the scarf! Pretty!! And what a great idea with the basket. Miss Puddlejump is so cute! :)