Monday, August 27, 2012

On The Move

We've been on the move. Time to move Chemgirl out of her apartment. As you can see we were running out of room for her stuff. In a week she'll be returning to her university for another year of study. Where has time gone? Seems only yesterday she was graduating from high school.
A pair of socks on Ravelry captured the attention of my needles. Opposite yarn colorways create mis-matched socks but of the same colors. So I grabbed the dye pots and did a little painting. I really like how these are making up. Unfortunately I didn't split the skeins so I'll have a pair of each but I can match or mis-match them so all is good.
I'm calling these Fireside socks because the colors scream sitting warm by the fire.
The pattern is Socks on a Plane found in Ravelry and it's not only easy but also FREE! The original pattern is toe up but I'm a top down kinda knitting gal so I'm heavily modifying.

Another project hopped on the needles. A new cardigan for myself. I'm hoping to get this done in  time to wear in the fall. Little Miss Princess spotted wool on the table and promptly inspected. Nosey cat. Although we're already seeing leaves turn in this area and they're predicting a   harsh winter so this will get plenty of wear this year. If I ever get it finished that is ;). There's a lot more on the needles and I'll be posting as I take the time to photograph. In the meantime Knit On!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lost and then Found

Cleaning out a drawer a few weeks ago resulted in a long lost gift certificate. Gave up on finding it months ago. I have this tendency to put things where I just know I'll remember them. Uh yeah...proof in the pudding that certainly didn't work out. 

So I took a stroll thru the Knitpicks web site when I found the certificate. This book has been on my wish list for a while but it was out of stock at the time. I signed up for the email alert the minute it was back on stock and on August 9th, the order was placed. It arrived today! Woo-Hoo!
The new Reverie is a so so soft, cowls are begging to be cast on. The grey glitter sock yarn will grow up to be a shawl. It's a bit darker than my monitor showed but you know how monitors can be. The book is wonderful and my needles are begging to cast on a sweater. Last but not least a few skeins of the Bare Hare to find their way into the dye pot. I'm one lucky knitter :D

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Life and a social networking site took time from blogging. I've done some 'housekeeping' and removed myself from the drama-fest social site and decided to concentrate on the things in Life that make me happy, like my knitting. A bit of time has also been spent contemplating the time, effort, money and thought that goes into my passion. Surprisingly even the DH had some constructive thoughts to add to this thought process. I enjoy knitting for others and while some appreciate it and wear or use the items there are those who appear to appreciate the hard work (and you knitters know what I'm talking about here) they rarely wear/use the item and choose to closet it or give it away. The time involved in any kind of needlework is unbelievable and those of you who do it know what I mean. We won't even mention how much it costs to feed my little knitting addiction (although if one asked the DH, he could be close to the cost). So after careful thought I'm eliminating most of my upcoming Christmas gift knitting. From here on out my needles will knit what I want. It may be a gift and then again it may not. So between eliminating the drama-fest site and the self mandatory knitting I feel like a weight has been lifted. Let's all say it together, Gypsyknits is Liberated! 

 First up on my needles? A sweater for self. Yes dear knitters the needles are finally knitting for self and I gotta say, I'm liking it. Yarn was from my stash purchased eons ago at the MDSW. Not the best feeling wool but durable. It's the Iced Cardigan with lots of mods including pockets. I wanted this to be a workhorse sweater around the house or a market run and this filled the bill and a workhorse sweater isn't a real workhorse without pockets.
 The traveling car socks. Spending time as a passenger in the car running to appts can be very productive when it comes to knitting. Good ole basic socks are perfect. My wee brain carries the basic sock construction so there's no need for a pattern. CO, rib/knit, divide in half for heel, pu sts and toe dec. Viola! Finished socks! These are a gift for a very dear friend who will appreciate and wear them with pride.
Jessi started this pattern and I loved how her project was looking so off to the stash bin I went. She (ever so smartly) is using a fingering weight. I (not so smartly) chose a cobweb lace from the stash bin because I convinced myself a) I need to use stash and b) it can't be that bad. After a bit of knitting I agree with my first reason but disagree with the second. Dear me this yarn is like working with a spider's web but I'm determined.
I won't promise a post everyday but I'm going to get back into the old swing of things. Books have re-entered my Life again as well as a bit of sewing/counted cross stitch and the never ending scrapbooking of my albums. All of this in between tending to Mr. Bettis (upcoming posts on his antics as well).
Please feel free to share what has liberated you to resume a passionate hobby?