Monday, August 27, 2012

On The Move

We've been on the move. Time to move Chemgirl out of her apartment. As you can see we were running out of room for her stuff. In a week she'll be returning to her university for another year of study. Where has time gone? Seems only yesterday she was graduating from high school.
A pair of socks on Ravelry captured the attention of my needles. Opposite yarn colorways create mis-matched socks but of the same colors. So I grabbed the dye pots and did a little painting. I really like how these are making up. Unfortunately I didn't split the skeins so I'll have a pair of each but I can match or mis-match them so all is good.
I'm calling these Fireside socks because the colors scream sitting warm by the fire.
The pattern is Socks on a Plane found in Ravelry and it's not only easy but also FREE! The original pattern is toe up but I'm a top down kinda knitting gal so I'm heavily modifying.

Another project hopped on the needles. A new cardigan for myself. I'm hoping to get this done in  time to wear in the fall. Little Miss Princess spotted wool on the table and promptly inspected. Nosey cat. Although we're already seeing leaves turn in this area and they're predicting a   harsh winter so this will get plenty of wear this year. If I ever get it finished that is ;). There's a lot more on the needles and I'll be posting as I take the time to photograph. In the meantime Knit On!


SissySees said...

Beautiful knits, as always.

Enjoy your time with Chem Girl!

Grace said...

everyone keeps remarking on a fast summer, I feel like it has been eternally long

Love looking at your knits

Bubblesknits said...

Wishing Chemgirl another successful year!

Love the socks. :)

Laura Neal said...

Still too hot down here to knit socks. I am waiting for some cold weather before I start that up. Love the nosey cat. :) At least yours doesn't sing to yarn at 2 am.