Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break! Yay! for the college daughter who is home for a week. Boo! For the dreary rainy weather that followed her home. But we'll still have fun for the week.
Of course anytime a college student enters the home door they bring laundry and requests for home cooked food.

Hanging out with her BF, the cell phone :). Within an hour there were issues with the phone and we thought her world was going to crash LOL. A phone call to the provider and five technicians later we discovered the phone inner workings needed to be re-set as they were working on the towers. Lo and behold while I was on the phone we found there were charges on the bill that didn't belong to us.
May I just suggest it would be wise for companies to skip the screamin-meaming music on the hold feature and instead replace it with soothing music for the frazzled customer.

Eldest daughter hanging with her best friend, the cell phone:) and Mr. Bettis who wanted his seat back.
He won.

Since Mother Spring decided to grace us with showers for the weekend, Mr. Bettis is restricted to outside play. Mud is no fun for the care-takers which mean we must tolerate the ripping, racing and play antics inside.

"Why Mr. Bettis, what big teeth you have.........."

".....and Mr. Bettis, what big ears you have..."

The daughter is settled for the week and I know it's going to fly. I'm off to do some serious baking and cooking.........oh........and the laundry.


Channon said...

Wish we lived closer... Mr B and Sis could entertain each other in our gravelled pen and I could pop in to see what you're baking between MY loads of laundry...

Laura Neal said...

I would gladly watch Mr. Bettis, he is so adorable and my boys would love the company. Gorgeous shorts weather here. I have plans to drop the top and get out on the road with my car. I need a trip out in the country, just have to get the hubby out of his desk chair. Do they make shoe horns in a giant size?

Bubblesknits said...

So glad you have a full house for Spring Break. I know you're going to enjoy it. :) Tell Mr. Bettis to be a good boy and share his loveseat.

Anita said...

LOL, Love that photo of Mr. B! :)

I hope you are enjoying your week of Spring Break... going by too fast huh?