Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Scrubbin' Bubbles & other stuff

Finished stuff. I hand spun the variegated yarn in this cowl. The brown is Lamb's Pride wool from the stash room. It was supposed to be a scarf but I was bored with it. So a cowl, it is. The stick is just a bamboo stick that I had lying around. I need to make a really nice stick closure.
I wore this last weekend and had quite a few compliments.

Another pic without yours truly and her neck in the way.

This yarn of Paintbox by Classic Elite has been stashed for quite awhile. Since I'm de-stashing these frugal days I finally found a use for this lonely skein.
A hat pattern that I found on a knitting site.
This is quick and easy and only took an afternoon to knit. I used up all but 2 yards of the 109 yard skein.
The daughter who was the intended recipient loves it. She wasn't available for the picture when I finished it so I put it on and snapped the pic.
I don't like to have my picture taken so I cut off as many parts of self as I can.

This is also from the stash room and it will grow up to be something special for the daughter. These are the chosen colors of wool.
Notice the balls of yarn. Long B.efore B.all W.inder 4 yrs ago. What does that tell you about the stash?
You know what they say about a fine wine aging? Well, I hold that same line for yarn.......LOL

The scrubbies are multiplying. I just found they are the best when it comes to scrubbing the tub and shower walls. Loving this scrubby.
Chan and I made a deal to spend 15 minutes - 1/2 hour de-cluttering in the house. So far, so good. Of course it's only been 2 days since that commitment.

P.S. Make note to self. It is not wise to close oneself in the shower with a bottle of bathroom cleaner and a scrubby.
I'm still hacking up a lung from that process. That'll teach me to clean! LOL


Laura Neal said...

Wow, you have been really busy, while I have been stuck knitting on that sock. Your neck warmer turned out great! I love the hand spun yarns for neck warmers! I have plans to knit up some more of those babies!
I am trying to be good and destash as well. It is just so hard to be good sometimes!

Channon said...

SNOL... I'll knit the Knight a scrubby for his bathroom duties! Then I can say I helped him clean the bathrooms, right?

Love the hat and the cowl. Look at you go!

Laura Neal said...

Here is another way to save some bucks, vinegar will clean a bathtub. It will kill the mildew and mold. We used to use it to run through our jetted bathtub. We no longer have it, I was sick of cleaning it. Talk about gross. Thanks for the compliment on my sock. One more to go!

Bubblesknits said...

When I first read the title of your post, I wondered why I needed to be scrubbed. lol

Yup, I've done that before (cleaning the shower with the door closed) and then found out later how incredibly dangerous it was.

I need to try some of those scrubbies. We're forever losing ours around here.

Nichole said...

LOVE the hat! And your handspun cowl is gorgeous too!

Anita said...

Love the hat & cowl!! And we might like to see your face every now & then, even if you don't. :)

Knit the scrubbies, assign the cleaning duties to others, it's dangerous! SNOL

Diane said...

I love all your frugal knitting. It's so much more interesting to figure out how to use something you already have instead of going out and buying new.