Thursday, April 02, 2009


My BFF called yesterday afternoon and said this book arrived. We ordered the books a week ago from Knitpicks. She was here in 15 minutes with the book.
This book is a keeper. I promptly went through the sock stash and grabbed a skein to cast on.

So far, the problem with this book is, I cannot tear myself away from the WIP to clean, cook or otherwise function:).

This skein of Harlotty has been hibernating for quite some time in the stash container. Again, it's a skein of color that I would not normally purchase and I'm still trying to figure out why I chose colors that are not in my normal color box. I have tried this skein in quite a few patterns and I just didn't like how the colors were pooling.
But the new book lends itself quite well to the yarn.
Thanks to Chan and Anita, I have plenty of needles now so I can cast away:)

It's a cast on kind of week. Dreary, raining and dull days results in my need to cast on new projects.
Grace creates the most stunning shawls from her needles. Go take a look. They are beautiful and inspiring.
So I will cast on this yarn for a lovely shawl.

Correction: this is not yarn, it's a spiiiider's thread(yep, I say spider with an Appalachain twang)!
If you look closely to the left of the skein you can barely see the yarn er spider's thread sticking out from it. Go ahead, get your magnifier and let me know what you think.
I'm going to look into stiletto needles for this stuff. Honestly I think I'd be better off checking in with the backyard spiders for their "yarn" vs. this stuff but I'm using up stash.

What is up with this? Mr. Bettis, Miss Gypsy and Princess Aurora? Taking a nap together on the guest bed? Since when? Oh that's right, this was taken yesterday on April Fool's Day. So that explains it.
Trust me, within the hour Mr. Bettis & Co were chasing Princess Aurora down the hall. So it was definitely an April Fool's joke.

p.s. Mr. Bettis & Co had better stay away from the new sock book.


Channon said...

What a sweet, sleepy boy! Sissy will swoon when I show her the photo later today...

I want both of those books some kinda' bad, but since I have a pattern library that rivals my stash, I'm trying to resist!

Grace said...

That is some spidery yarn there but it looks beautiful, which shawl will do, I must add that book to my wish list.

Bubblesknits said...

I ordered that book from Knit Pick's too, but mine STILL hasn't gotten here yet. I swear, they have the slowest shipping on the planet.

I'm trying to finish up my Harlotty sock so I can start on the newest installment of the RSC. My stupid wrists are preventing that, though. Grrr...

Wow...that picture needs to be saved. Probably never happen again! lol

Nichole said...

What a sweet naptime photo!

Anita said...

I've got some yarn like that... I tried it once & now it's in the bottom of the closet somewhere! SNOL

That's a cute photo of them all napping together... or were they conspiring & pretended to nap when you caught them? LOL

gaylen said...

I think they all look adorable and I don't think Mr. Bettis could ever do anything wrong. No wonder he needs his own legal council!

Of course - have you considered putting your books where they can't reach them? Just sayin'. . . .


Nichole said...

You know... now that you mention is Mr. B DOES look a lot like my Tut!