Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring Startitis

It's Spring. Which means it's a new beginning and a fresh "start." It's also fishing season and time to "cast a line."
Spring also means allergies and in this knitter's knitting nest, a bout of "startitis." So here we go again. Keep in mind this disease is non-curable. Once a knitter has contracted startitis they have it forever. It can go in remisssion but rears it's yarn ball head any time when least expected. I have found if I even think of finishing a WIP, WHAM! Startitis hits and it's like a yarn ball unwinding, it's becomes a tangled mess.
Startitis causes one to cast on for projects that said inflicted knitter knows for a fact there are projects cast on that will never be finished. Case in point. I cast on to make a knit tote to carry my knitting. Now I'm even asking myself, "WHY?" But logic goes right out the window and I'm digging in the stash of yarn and needles and casting on anyway.

I have cast on so many projects I couldn't even post all of them. Stupid blogger only allows 5 pictures on a post. So get a cup of tea or coffee and watch this knitter' bout of startitis take control and the "logical" excuses for starting new projects.

Fresh start means starting a new project. Right? So I cast on for the swallow tail shawl.

Deadline? May 2, 2009

I saw this project on a knitting site and just had to start this project. A Baby blanket.

Deadline? June 7, 2009

These are the Harlotty socks out of Cookie A's new sock book. I'm moving right along on this sock but keep in mind I have two feet therefore I'm not sure when the second one will be made.

Deadline? Fall 2009

p.s. this is not a "new" project as I started it 2 days ago but it has consumed every waking moment with the exception of breaks to start new WIP.

While working on the above socks my mind wandered (as usual) and I got to thinking about this skein of yarn. Since I like the pattern so well I decided to cast on for another pair. Now I know what you're thinking, "why did she start another pair when she doesn't have the first one finished?"
Answer? I really don't have one except to say, "It's Spring and that means a serious bout of startitis has hit this knitter."

Deadline? Don't have one.......thank goodness

mmmm.........I there a documented case of finish-i-tis?


Grace said...

I have two baby blankets 2 shawls and a vest all started, i love startitis!!

what yarn is your swallowtail

Anita said...

Well, since I'm still on restricted duty where knitting/crochet is concerned, I'm having spinitis. LOL
The hubby even helped encourage it by building me a 5 bobbin lazy kate! :)

Look at it this way, when you get both of those socks finished you'll have a pair! Who cares if they don't match! SNOL

Channon said...

Love all the WIPs, and not just because it makes me feel better about all of my own WIPs... ;)

smilely said...

Wow you are living dangerously by posting completion dates. I hope "you know who" is not watching, the one who will bring things up that you have said when you least expect it.

Bubblesknits said...

LOL You've got some serious WIPS going on there! I've been casting on for new stuff left and right, so it's not just you.

Nichole said...

My startitis is flaring up once again as well....

Ann said...

hey! I can see I will be making daily visits!

petsknit said...

wow look at all those projects!!!!!
Can't wit to see them finished. MOM

Laura Neal said...

One mitten in one size, one mitten in another size, thumbs for two pairs of mittens, one sock, one neck cowl...everything that needs work. One shawl on the loom, needed for a birthday on April 3rd, I am working on it slowly!
You aren't the only one with starter-itis.

Happy Easter!