Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here we go.........again

This post is picture-less. I'm supposed to be packing to leave for Son #2's wedding which is on Saturday. We're leaving tomorrow morning. I would've been packed and ready but it seems there was a snafu. I have asked husband for 3 weeks to try on his suit. He refused and fussed that it was fine. I was not convinced and I reminded him that he had not worn the suit for a few years. He continued to insist the suit would fit. Well he tried it on this evening and guess what? The pants did not fit. So we had to make a last minute run to find dress pants. I'm curious. Do you think it is the evening bowl of ice cream that caused the pants to shrink? LOL

You should've seen the shirt he thought he was going to wear (eye-roll here). No, it wasn't the old flannel but it was close. Husband is a casual kind of guy.
We found the pants on sale and a new dress shirt that was on clearance in the first store. Not that we have a lot of store choices. So we were fortunate.

The knitting bags are packed. Yes, I said bags. One never knows which project to work on for the car ride and the down time during the visit.

Off to finish the packing........Have a good weekend!