Monday, May 04, 2009

Wedding II

The Bride and her father as he gives her away.

Thanks to all for your prayers. The Bride's father had a good day and told my husband several times that he was very happy.

You are now husband and wife.

As you can see it cleared of rain immediately following the ceremony.

At one point while cutting the cake, Son yelled, "where's my mother?" Apparently he was having trouble. LOL

Happily Ever After!


gaylen said...

What a lovely bride and groom. You know *they* say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day. g

smilely said...

It seems as though it was a great day. Everyone looked beautiful. Great dancing!

Grace said...

I treasure the shot the photographer got of me dancing with Rob---your son and his bride are just beautiful, what a great day, rain or not

Channon said...

Simply beautiful. All of it!

Anita said...

How beautiful!! I'm so glad it stopped raining.
Whew, it's over. :) Looks like everyone had a wonderful day.

Diane said...

Just catching up on some long overdue blog reading. Congrats on your new daughter in law. How exciting! It looks like a lovely wedding; a great start to a happy life together.