Friday, May 22, 2009

Here we go again......

I know, you're all getting tired of post after post of this kid. Trust me, it will be over wa-a-y too soon. Well, at least for me.

The last band banquet was held at the local district fire hall. The food was delicious and it's nice to know the ticket proceeds help our volunteer firemen. Thank goodness. One never knows when they need to be called.........ahem.

This is the class of band seniors with the director on the right.

Miss Flute walked away with quite a few awards.
John Phillip Sousa Band Award
Louis Armstrong Band Award
Most Outstanding Band Senior
Most Dedicated Wind
The Directors Award (Chan, take notice on that one:)
The Most Helpful Band Member
She also won one of the 3 band scholarships.

She is very happy.

As Field Captain/Director, she was asked to give a speech. Here is a little excerpt:

".......I just want to say the last 4 yrs in band have helped to shape who I am today. The years in band have left me with memories that will last forever. You are not only my peers and my friends, you're also my family. Thank you."

That little speech caused a certain mom to wipe a tear. And so we're on to the next very last event, her dance recital.


Channon said...

I'm so proud of her! (And you.) You obviously raised a strong, bright woman who has already taught an adult or two some seriously needed life lessons.

Neat that the banquet was at the fire hall. I'm a big believer in the firehouse being an active part of the community for non-emergencies too...

(And for the record? I had a hard time reading the last few words. My eyes were wet. Yes, I'm a sap.)

Grace said...

And was the scrapbook a hit,

You have a wonderful child there, embrace her while you can!!! Is she going away to college??

Diane said...

Wow your DD sure cleaned up with the awards but then again she worked so hard that it was totally deserved. You should be a proud mama.

Hope your back feels better soon. That's just awful to have that pain especially when Mr B takes the best seats in the house.

Bubblesknits said...

Tell her I said congratulations! :-) Is she going to take advantage of the band scholarships?

gaylen said...

Lovely speech. It's nice when we raise good kids, isn't it? You've done a remarkable job. Congrats to you both. g