Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Knitting Cottage

I've been in a funk since last Thursday's depressing dr's appointment. I'll spare the details. It's just one BIG MESS!

It's cold here today and you'll never guess what else.........oh come on now, take a wild's showering.....again! I think the sun is on strike.

Add in the "baby" who will be moving on (as she should) and a son who has apparently misplaced my phone number and it's just downright depressing. That's my life for you. I so wish all of my knitting friends (meaning each and every one of you) lived within a reasonable driving distance so we could get together.

Anyway, Laura and Chan are bugging for shopping details so I will share my goodies with you.

After the dr appt husband decided I need an outing. So we went to a favorite little yarn shop of mine. It's located on a farm and is owned by a very sweet Amish lady. It's a bit small but she stays up on the latest yarn and her prices are reasonable.
I bought this Encore tweed for another Central Park Hoodie. It really doesn't show the true color here, it's really a nice red/burgandy. I made all of the girls a CPH last year for Christmas and I'm ready to make another one.

I also purchased this for a sweater and hat. I loved the name of the yarn "Cotton Kisses." It comes with the pattern on the label and little buttons inside the ball of yarn which has enough yardage to make a sweater. I've been looking for a nice pink cotton yarn and this filled the bill. Very reasonably priced @ $14.50 for the yarn, pattern and buttons.

The little ball of fluff on the right dropped right in my basket:). It is so soft, I love it.

We certainly didn't leave without 2 dozen fresh brown eggs from the farm.

Lo and behold they also had these windows sitting on the porch of the shop. They were on sale for $2.50 each. I took one look and knew I needed a few of them. Husband and I love old things and I enjoy creating projects from the finds. The Amish farmer wanted to know if I wanted the paint removed and of course my answer was no, thank you, it adds character.

Here's the plan: Print black and white pictures of my kids and favorite animals from over the years and put them behind the panes of glass. Hang the frame on the wall.
As you can see, Miss Gypsy was checking it out. Mr. Bettis didn't have time for that, he was busy racing in the mud(:-.


Anita said...

I'm sorry your Dr. appt didn't go well. :(

Love the yarn goodies though!! And what a find for the windows!! Make sure you post photos of that when you get them ready, great idea! :)

I've been so busy I've been off the computer for a couple of days, I've got lots of stuff to post if I can find the time! Missed you!

Channon said...

Was the little ball of fluff Plymouth Oh My!? I need to find some of that in a not-green but gender-neutral color for another blankie...

Love the idea for the windows!

Grace said...

great finds love the yarns and the windows

things here a wee bit (that is conservative) depressing too and it all has to do with son's

Try to have a good day!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I so wish all of my knitting friends (meaning each and every one of you) lived within a reasonable driving distance so we could get together.
I have been wishing the same things and fighting depression to.((((((Hugging You))))))) Darcy