Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a Wonderful Music World

This is a lengthy post as the computer chair is my best friend right now. There are some things in my life that need to end and there are some thing in life I wish would never end.

One thing that needs to end is medical garbage. I have a severe nerve injury from a serious fall years ago. I went to wally world yesterday with intentions on going to my local knitting group luncheon. I bent over at wally world to check the price of an item. POP! Uh-oh! My back went out. I gently tried to straighten up and that was not a good thing. I managed to get back to the car. The pain is horrible. I called my specialist in the city. Now keep in mind I really like this doc but when he asked (among many other questions) "where's the family support system that we spoke about in the last visit?" (eyeroll here) I wanted to ask if he was living in a disillusioned world. Seriously, he did talk with the hubby and me concerning a complete family unit support. I lived in that disillusionment for approximately one day until I finally came to realization, "it ain't happenin'". At least not outside this little adobe. I have an appointment next week to see where this little medical scenerio will lead.

Tonite is the band banquet and I'm going if I go on a guerney. LOL The tickets are purchased, the scrapbook is finished and it's the very last banquet ever for me. This is one of those things I wish would never end. I enjoyed attending all of my kids' performances but this is it. I'm not much of a sports fan so I was fortunate that all of my kids were into music in one form or another.
Here's the DD playing her 10 minute (yes, 10 minutes) solo. On a serious note, no one wants to hear a kid play a solo for 10 minutes except the parents:). The piece was Concertino By Chanimade in a Level 6 (the most difficult level available). She nailed it! Her tone was awesome, her fingers literally flew over the keys. Chan & Jessi, you both need to know that the band director applauded her and gave her a compliment on stage. Upon hearing of her performance we received a phone call from Alderson-Broaddus College offering several flute scholarships. They have heard her previously when she played in their Honor Band performance and the director has called several times.

The kids formed a steel drum unit and Miss Flute DD was on lead pan. I enjoy listening to the steel drums and they have made such an impression with audience members from the previous performances they now have gigs for the summer.
I'm going to make a special effort to attend local school performances in the future. What else do I have to do? Driving distances will be reserved to visit the DD at college and medical garbage so attending anything fun is out of the question.

How many times have I told this dog, "not on the furniture, Mr. Bettis." And yet, this is where I found him this morning. Keep in mind, this is one thing that I have no disillusionment on ever being corrected therefore I have placed an old beach towel on the loveseat. Notice he is not making a move to get down.

I will be on the DD's laptop computer today while resting the back so I will try to catch up on emails and blogs.


Grace said...

i am so sorry about your back, having experienced the same exact type of thing I do know how it feels, When I was a hospital aide in my late teens I lifted a bed with patient in over the lip of the elevator that stopped several inches short of the floor, there went my back and now I never know when it will go out and when it does, life as I know it comes to a screeching halt.

I am so happy for you and your daughter and her accomplishments with her music. How soothing it must be to hear her play when all around is in turmoil!

Feel better and rest for the big night!

Channon said...

Well... if I had knitting in hand, I would enjoy a ten-minute flute solo, or oboe solo or...

Friendly reminder - those of us with significant mobility issues and even bigger ortho issues should always have a working cell phone IN HAND. As I'm writing, I think I'm beginning to see why the Knight gets angry when my cell is dead...

(Hello Pot. Meet Kettle.)

Firefly Nights said...

Hope your back is better. You and Chan want to form a club?

We never used to let our Riley on the bed and then the little guy up and died of cancer with only a week's warning. After that we decided that pets are only with us but for so long and if getting on a bed or sofa makes them happy, it's their house, too. Let Mr. Bettis sleep where he wants.

gaylen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back. I hope you made it to the banquet without the guerney.

Hopefully you can knit. g

Anita said...

ACK! Hope you didn't have to go on a gurney!!! Sorry about your back, just what you need huh?

Congrats to the DD!!! I know you are soooo proud of her. :)

Laura Neal said...

After dealing with a bad back from a car accident, huge tour bus hit the back of the car I was passenger in, needless to say, I have back issues and I have learned that ice is nice! I still have agony back there and here it is 20 years later! So, let me see...get yourself an ice pack it will relieve those horrible issues and make you feel somewhat better.

I have been reading about your whiz kid...snap up those scholarships and run! I hope she does well in all of her endeavors.

I love Mr. Bettis, he is quite the cutie. He knows the best place in the house to lay down...the couch. My dogs sleep on the bed when we leave home. We come home to find dog hair all over the quilt. At least Ody has stumpy legs and won't be able to get on the bed...cracks me up, I won't have to worry about him!