Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dancing Feet

Last evening was the DD's last dance recital. I enrolled her in tap dance at the age of 4 yrs to help with social skills. I danced tap/ballet from the age of 3 yrs until the leg injury and I miss it. So it was a delight to me that she fell in love with dance and had a natural ability.
She quickly moved up the ranks of tap and her first tap solo was at the age of 7 years. This kid can tap with the best of them. She dances on pointe but tap is her favorite. She has performed classical tap, soft shoe, stomp etc. Her teacher made several comments over the years that it didn't matter what step she threw out to her, she nailed it every time.

She was in 9 numbers last night and on one of the numbers she came through the audience to take the stage. On the last performance she presented me with a single red rose and a hug of thanks. I wasn't expecting the surprise and there were a few tears.
Both performances were impeccable and she did not make one mistake.

To my Daughter,

I had no expectations when I enrolled you in dance 14 yrs ago. Yet, you fell in love with it.
I have watched you grow from a little dancer to a phenomonal performer.

It has come to a close and you gave a perfect performance. Be Proud!
Thank you for giving so many wonderful memories to hold dear to my heart.

You're my Dancing Feet!
Love, Mom


Bubblesknits said...

awwww! I hope you took your tissues with you!

Grace said...

how very very sweet

Ann said...

You have been blessed!

Channon said...

That's so wonderful that you share a love of dance with her. I'm sorry you can't dance anymore... :(

Diane said...

Boy you've got a ton of lasts this year. Last high school band banquet, last child in high school, and now last dance recital. The nice thing about so many last things is they are closely followed by so many first things.