Friday, May 15, 2009

Green Acres

This one is picture-less. And you thought you were going to see something green:).
We traveled 2 1/2 hours to the city for another dr appointment. Oh yippee!! (I say that with tongue in cheek)
I DO NOT like the city. May I repeat, I. DO. NOT. like. the. city. Please don't take offense to my dislike of the city. I have relatives and friends who live in the city and they LOVE it. It's just not me. Quite frankly you couldn't pay me enough to live there. Country living is my way of life. Give me those Green Acres, it's the place I want to be. (you'll never get that song out of your head now, will you?)

It rained. Well of course, it rained. We have only seen the big yellow ball in the sky for 4 days out of 2 weeks. It has peeped out a few times between rain showers but that's been rare.

Traffic was a nightmare and rain seems to make some city drivers drive as though they're in the Indy 500 or as if they're on a Sunday sight seeing tour.

Parking is absolutely unheard of. Now I must ask, with all those buildings where in the world do they expect people to park their car?

There's too much concrete. Honestly, whose bright idea was it to put houses so close together that if there was a fire, it could be devastating to the occupants? I admit Fire is something that seems to spark my concern these days. )( a bit of a pun) Of course if a few buildings were "re-located" then there would be plenty of parking space. ( I knew the lightbulb would

I made headway on a knitting project so the trip wasn't completely in vain and the hubby took me to a yarn store after the appointment. That made my day a little bit brighter

Tomorrow is a graduation picnic/party for my niece who's graduating from college. A Big family/friend get-together. Keeping my dpns crossed for sunny weather. I hear it's supposed to rain (again) but we'll still have fun.
So what's on your weekend agenda?


Grace said...

rest relaxation and knitting

keeping everything crossed for sun for you

Laura Neal said...

To the petsmart for puppy supplies, he comes home next Saturday! Knitting on my charity socks, hope to finish those bad girls today so, I can cast on for second pair of charity socks.
Possibly some spinning tonight, we are supposed to have some of that rain...did you send it down here? We sure could use some about now.

What did you score at the yarn store?

Bubblesknits said... I'm humming Green Acres. lol I used to love watching that show. :-) And Mr. Ed.

Channon said...

Rain. RAIN is on my agenda. Yesterday was nice enough until the bedtime storm - Gretchen think the thunder is some big dog in the sky growling - need I say more?

And I HATE the city too. Now what DID you get at the yarn store?