Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's the date?

It's 1:45 am and I'm still awake. It's not a good night. I'm freezing. The furnace is running and again I ask, what's the date? May 20th! We're in a freeze warning tonite.

There is so much to do and so very little time left. This week is busy. The very last dance recital, concert, flute recital, last day of school, band banquet etc. There are very few free moments in the day/evening so I will utilize the nights to the best of my ability. I'm not feeling well anyway so what does it really matter. I'm awake so I may as well take advantage of the time. Plus I'm still in that funk.

This post will just be a rambling. The DD had graduation pics taken and this one is my absolute favorite. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and I really wish you could see them in the picture. (yeah, I know, I sound just like a

Here she is goofing off for the camera:).

I will quietly admit that I'm so proud of this kid, I could bust a button.
Yes, she is the baby. She has been raised as an only child. Not by her choice, that's just how she was placed in the lineage. Last.
However, this kid has done everything in her little power to make sure that she has not been last in anything she has set out to do.
In the next two weeks there will be a few posts about this kid so please bear with me while I share her life so far.

On another note:
My knitting mojo found it's way back but I've given up knitting for anyone in particular right now. I'm just not into knitting for family members. That knitting mojo disappeared for a long time, I'm afraid. I was knitting a sweater for the DD but it makes me sad so I put it down. I NEED to stay as far away from sad as I can right now.
I do have a few friends who would appreciate a handknitted item:) so I may cast on for a few new projects.
I have decided to make myself a sweater. Now to decide which sweater and what yarn to use........Plenty of choices, that's for sure.
In the above picture there are a few crocheted preemie hats for Nichole. They're for Little Emma's friends in the NICU. I have a plan to make more.

I could really use that vacation that was cancelled. I won't fret too much as the DH had his vacation taken away because his boss's 6 yr old must have surgery that week. It was supposed to be a simple procedure but it has become much more serious. So we will prioritize and not complain.
It's probably just as well considering he will need to take a lot of days to get me to and from the city dr appts(:-. So much for a break from it all.


Channon said...

DD is a beautiful gal; you're not JUST a biased mom! We have a freeze warning tonight too if that makes you feel better?

I'm sorry about your vacation too, but I do hope the little one will be okay... and you too!

Anita said...

I hate that you are feeling bad!!

The DD's photos are great!! My hair used to be that long, can you believe that?! LOL

Bubblesknits said...

She is beautiful. :-) You have a right to be proud. From what you've shared with us, she's a sweet, smart, talented young lady.

I hope the boss' son does okay with the surgery. It's scary when a little one has to go through something like that.

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow you have a beautfiul DD!!
My hair was that long last
Enjoy your Holiday weekend!!