Thursday, May 07, 2009


This was the weather last Friday going to the wedding. It continued throughout the weekend and unfortunately we are now on Day 7 with rain.

Mr. Bettis has just informed me that Mr. Opossum has returned. The squirrel taunts Mr. B in the fenced back yard and the rabbits have returned (yes, with an "s". Apparently they've spent too much time in the rabbit hole:). Birds have now found an entrance in the roof soffit.
I'm still working on the plans for that ark.

p.s. Thank you to all my friends for your supportive comments/emails on my previous post. It is greatly appreciated. You all are wonderful:)


Grace said...

we too are on day 7 of rain, and the occasional thunder storm. Yesterday we very briefly, all too briefly saw the sun but the clouds took care of that right away

I hope I get to go to a Wool Festival someday, we have Rhinebeck and everytime we plan on going something happens and we don't get there so we aren't Planning it anymore just waiting to see if we happen there by chance!

Off to run a gazillion errands, enjoy your new fibers!!

Channon said...

I don't know what number day of rain we're on - it's a big number, with only a few days in between the previous run of rain, which was shorter than this one. (But you know that...)

That reminds me... I wonder where my shawl pin went? I'd better find it before Sissy or Gretchen does.

Laura Neal said...

Sunny and hot here in Texas!
I have two whole alpaca fleeces in a box in my living room. I just have to wash it and then spin it. :) One is a natural black and the other is a natural white. The box is freaking huge!
I can see a wet hubby and you with that wet shawl wrapped around you. Pretty funny! Nothing worse than wet tennis shoes...squish squish squish between your toes.

smilely said...

Glad to see your stash, and that you obtained some alpaca. We missed you today.

Bubblesknits said...

We're getting a couple days of sunshine here, thank goodness. I was afraid my flowers were going to float away!

Anita said...

We could use some of your rain, hopefully it will leave you soon!

I hate that you couldn't stay for a while, but you got some nice goodies anyway. :)