Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Scrappy

The DD decided to make the band director a scrapbook of the last 4 years (yes, Chan, I know what you're thinking:).
She wants to present it to him at the banquet on Thursday. My kitchen table houses all of the equipment needed. Miss Aurora decided to pose right smack in the middle. Silly cat.
I won't be able to find her in a little while, she needs her face washed so she'll hide.

Imagine 268+ pictures to be scrapped in 3 days! It's a marathon here.
We're short a few pictures for the freshman year so I'm off to walley world this morning to get a few more. It would help if I was an organized person and kept the index cards with the picture cds. But, I'm not the organzier. DH and DD are the organizers. I am so much better at finding things in my own little system. Wait! Did I just say that while trying to think where I put the index cards?

Her flute recital was last evening. Here she is sight-reading a duet with her teacher. Her teacher is an awesome young woman and is very talented with a Music Major Degree. She is also a Christian Missionary. She is so kind and when I told her (she graduated with my youngest son) that my son was looking for an art teaching job, she suggested a few schools that she knew needed good art teachers. She is very thoughtful and compassionate and she has been a wonderful mentor for DD.

Tonite is the band concert.

sssshhhhh...........I see yellow sunshine rays in the sky. I hope so, it's 34 degrees this morning and there's an ice film laying on the pool cover!


Channon said...

I can only laugh. The Catholic girl in me wants to nominate DD for sainthood, NOW.

Laura Neal said...

34? Woman, I would love some cool temps right now...hot here! Sorry to say...sunny too! It seems the last big storm took not only our shingles but, two other houses on the street, shingles.

Go hide yourself and do some closet knitting...you know you want to!

Anita said...

LOL... that's a sweet girl you've got there. Good luck with the scrapbook marathon!!

Hugs to you, I know you are going nuts about now with all that is going on.

Bubblesknits said...

Okay, is this the same band director we've discussed before? Have you checked her head for a seriously high temp? lol I mean, I know those can cause delusions and hallucinations, so....? lol

Love the pic of them playing the flute. Brings back some very sweet memories for me. :-)

And if that is who the scrapbook is for, then maybe Aurora is leaving him a little surprise. hehehe