Friday, May 29, 2009

You did it!

You were an unexpected blessing when you came into our lives. Your smile brightened our days and those baby blue eye were mesmerizing.
You were solving math at the age of 3 yrs. I thought it was just entertainment for you. Little did we know you had a gift for math.

Your love of music was evident very early on and when you demonstrated at the age of 2 yrs that you could move like "I Dream Of Jeannie", your dad raised his eyes with father-like concern.
Your first few years of school were difficult. You cried every single day for 3 years. I remember prying your little body from mine at the bus stop each and every morning. You still managed to maintain straight A's throughout but we were concerned you would never like school from a social standpoint.
You begged to take flute and we enrolled you in flute lessons and again you demonstrated quick learning and a natural ability.

Middle school is well......middle school. You still struggled adapting to school life but you were at the top of your class with straight A's throughout the years. We were busy running you to dance and music lessons.
Your math teacher called us to discuss your math talent. I must admit that at this point it began to sink in my wee non-math brain that you were gifted. We were informed you were doing math formulas in your head that had not been taught or introduced to you. Your father and I sat in front of the teacher completely dumb-founded. Where did this come from? (I know since I don't have the math brain, I must've passed it onto
High school arrived much too soon and you loved it! The days of crying were over and we secretly wondered if we would need to burn the school down to get you to leave.
Much to my denial, graduation day finally arrived. You have fulfilled our days and years with "your attitude" (lol), laughter, fun and a few tears when you were disappointed.
You have a mature perspective beyond your years about people with immature behavior. Throughout the years your teachers loved you and you maintained an impeccable scholastic record.

Your class chose Final Countdown as the theme song at graduation. The band director asked if you wanted to direct the band, an honor that is usually reserved for the drum major. The band members and the drum major told you to take the offer. You did.
( the picture is a bit fuzzy but it's difficult to focus when the photographer is fighting tears)
You graduated #1 in the class with full honors and we're so proud of you. You worked hard and you deserve it. I know you heard your sister and your friends cheering you on. I now understand why you say your friends are your family. They support you and they love your "attitude" lol.

You have a loving family along with many friends who respect and love you.

You have dreams and ambitions and while they may not always come easy, we know you will do your best to achieve them.
Honors College is waiting for your arrival:).

Congratulations! You did it! We love you, kiddo!
Your favorite quote: "Impossible is nothing"


smilely said...

Very good, you should be sooo proud, she's beautiful, smart, funny, and full of herself, which is great. It will continue to lead her.

gaylen said...

What a lovely post. You did good. She did good, now she gets to learn to deal with the morning tears for the next couple of years, only this time they are yours :) g

Grace said...

oh what a wonderful post congratulations to Savannah and to her mom and dad who raised such a wonderful child!!!

Best wishes for your future young woman, may it continue to shine for you!

Channon said...

Oh, that made ME cry!!!

Here's to the rest of her life. What a solid foundation she has!

petsknit said...

While wwe have 11 grandchildren we are so very proud of this one. The last to graduate high school of the 11. We tried to support her at her events and attended many watching her direct the band, dance her way through the recitals and etc. We sadly missed the graduation but are looking forward to the video. Congratulations Savannah we're rooting for you Love Gurm and Dad

Bubblesknits said...

What a great, heart-wrenching post! I'm sitting here sniffling, but smiling. :-) Give her a great big hug and tell her it's from a fellow "fluter". Some of my best memories involve my band years. I hope she continues on with it in college. :-)

Laura Neal said...

Congratulations to all of you. I know you are looking forward to just sitting, relaxing and knitting.

Anita said...

Congrats to Savannah!! Such wonderful acomplishments in such a young girl, many many happy & wonderful years to come! :)

craftycat said...

OMG what a loving tribute. You brought tears to my eyes, I can only imagine what it did to your daughter.