Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wee Ones

It was 82 degrees yesterday and the sun was shining. A rare sight this year but there it was in all it's shining glory. Where was I? In bed with a severe allergic reaction to new meds. I'm feeling a bit better today and guess what? It's raining! Again! This must be the most rain in the month of May/June that we have had in years.

The other day I was watering the "homemade" garden. I know, you're questioning why I would water the plants when we've had so much rain. But the bags are not open enough in the top to catch the rain. There are tomato plants in these bags. I looked in the bag getting ready to water it when I noticed a mass of twigs, grass etc. I was quietly blaming resident squirrel.

Upon inspection I found a nest. A little Jenny Wren nest.

I took a picture of one lonely wren egg. I hope it survives. I see Mrs. Jenny Wren swooping in and out of the bag so I know she's taking good care of her little one. Now if only, Mr. Bettis would keep his big mouth shut when he sees her going in and out of her home.
That dog doesn't miss a trick around here.

The knitting mojo has returned with a venegence. I'm casting on projects right and left.
I am smitten with Noro. I don't particularly care for the feel of the yarn but.....oh my......the colors. I an absolutely in love with color and this yarn has captured my love of color.
I have been wanting a log cabin Noro afghan and I hit the stash to start one. I will need to haunt online shops for Noro sales. So if you hear of any good sales, please let me know.
I've also started two shawls and now I'm crocheting two preemie hats for Hubby's co-worker who is the proud grandfather of twins. Unfortunately they have come into the world a wee bit early. The little girl weighs in at 2.7 lbs and the little boy is 2.0 lbs at 26 weeks. I know the mother and father will appreciate the wee hats.


Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow. And I thought my cousin's recent addition was tiny! (He was barely 6 lbs at birth.)

Love the egg pics. Hopefully it'll survive and we'll get some cute little birdie pics later. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jenny Wren from Burgess Bird Book. My children loved that book.

Nichole said...

Oh how cool... you plant tomatoes and get birdies!!! :) Love it!

Grace said...

I too have cast on itis, I have Girasole, I have the Waterfall scarf, I have Stonewall, I started a new my own design shawl and tonight Tom wound yarn for heart to heart,
scwinona a scarf, and the Dream in Color Classy Shrug

I have been watching a hummingbird baby online, today it fell out of the nest, someone else who watches knew the photographer, got a hold of him at work and he came home to put it back in the nest. It was a scary time!

Anita said...

Awww, I hope the little egg survives. :)

Yay! for the knitting mojo returning! I wish mine would...

sue said...

Oh how cute is the little nest with the egg. Mummy bird isnt silly is she when looking for a nice warm dry spot to nest. I love Noro colors too but dont like the itch factor.

Channon said...

Wee ones indeed! I'm sure they will appreciate the hats.

Perhaps my mojo is with Anita's on vacation...