Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ark?

I know I mentioned in previous posts that I was looking for specs to build an ark. The rain (finally) subsided but the creatures keep on coming.

As I was sitting here typing, there's a sound, lo and behold there was a doe outside my open window. She was approximately 5 feet from me. I debated on grabbing the camera knowing her sharp hearing would hear the camera click. I took my chances anyway and I was correct. She leapt across the road and onto my dad's property. He told me yesterday there is a very young fawn in the wooded area behind their house and I have a sneaky suspicion the doe is the mama. I didn't get a picture. Hopefully I will get one the next time she crosses here.

It's been a trying day around here. I was knitting and decided I needed another skein of yarn from the stash room. I headed to the hallway. There was a rope laying in the middle of the hall. Wait...........rope? I had just cleaned and I know for a fact there was no rope. Maybe a strand of yarn. Oh my MOVED! It's a..a...a... SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!

I froze. I couldn't think. I grabbed the phone. I couldn't dial. I couldn't function. I had to think. Had to think. Cell phone. That's it. I pushed a button and called my BFF. Now by this time I'm hyperventilating and shaking so bad I almost dropped the phone. She sent her hubby out. I then called my dad and he called my BIL. Within 5 minutes 4 men were on the scene. (much like the fire dept a few posts ago). Just as the BIL pulled in thie driveway that slithering reptile went under the attic doorway. The men came armed with a back scratcher (don't ask, I have no idea what that was going to do), hoe and flashlights.
They asked questions. What color? How big? (Okay, I got that one. It started out as 1 foot by the time I was freaking out, it grew to 2 feet!), Where did it go? Did it look poisionous? Okay, men. Let's get something straight. I didn't take my knitting tape measure and size it up and I certainly didn't take a photo shoot.
I called the husband (who was at work 2 hours away) and his response? "heh heh heh......what do you expect me to do about it from here?" (after my response to him, I'm not so sure he has any hearing left)I heard later that the "guys" at the office thought this was funny.

The attic way has needed cleaned out for some time and guess what? It's getting cleaned tonite much to the DH's dismay. I have purchased ALL of the boxes of moth balls in this town and now my house smells like my great-grandmother's closet used to smell. I don't care. I want that snake OUT!
There's a beach towel lodged at the bottom of the doorway to keep him prisoner.

I gave the husband an ultimatum. Me or the snake. Mr. Smarty Pants (who thinks he's a comedian) thought for a moment, then chuckled and said, "I guess I'll keep you."

Too much sun and the snakes seek water. Too much rain and they seek dry land. Apparently there's no pleasing the slithering beasts.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That was good for a chuckle. I don't like snakes either.

Bubblesknits said...

No. Freakin'. Way! ::shudder:: Seriously, I think the entire county would have heard me screaming. I'm down here doing the heeby-jeeby dance and I'm hundreds of miles away. I can't believe Mr. Bettis wasn't trying to play with it!

Grace said...

I can;'t believe I read the whole post It is my biggest fear finding one in the house, the only episode of Roseanne I ever hated was when they put them in the bed and the commercials on TV I want to cry when I see them because I KNOW I will have nightmares, I would be sleeping elsewhere until I knew the thing was gone gone gone--even if it was the car

smilely said...

I was walking the other night and the neighbor told me to make sure I was watching for snakes. Wed. as I left in the car there was a large rattle snake on our road. I called DH he came but it had left. So now I got a walking stick, which is what my dad told me to get. So I did, but I'm like what am I going to do with it.

Laura Neal said...

My first inclination of running would have kicked in, it has saved me many times. I move in the opposite direction and fast. Then the screaming would have started! My DH has a sharp hoe after the first snake was found. A big old nasty water moccasin.
I wouldn't have slept in that house, I would have been down at the Howard Johnson's or the closest place around.
I am surprised your cats haven't found the thing. Most cats will kill a snake.

Channon said...

The Knight found a baby COPPERHEAD in the study last fall. I almost died when I realized Sissy had pranced right over it. I feel your pain.

I didn't mind the creatures so much until Mugsy was bitten by a copperhead, and now they're all poisonous and ugly and NOT WELCOME AROUND HERE.

Anita said...

ACK! That would be horrifying!!! Did you ever find it?

We have a black snake living under our laundry room (used to be a deck), but that's ok, they will eat other snakes. :) I still wouldn't want him in the house!

And guess what stitch markers I've been working on lately? Little snakes! ha ha