Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sloggy Mood

Well guess what we woke up to this morning. Rain. Still. The cricks (yes, I said cricks :) are a risin'. Everything is wet. Much too wet. Humidity is moving in, oh yippee! and I think I saw a duck with an umbrella. LOL I don't have an exact count but I think we've only had a handful of sunny rainless days since April. Ridiculous!
The pool is overflowing and the ground is saturated. Not good for the farmers and certainly not good for my mood these days.
The economy continues to spiral farther down into a black hole and the fuel prices are rising with the water gauge around here. I don't have a problem living within my means (as the American people were so told ......eyeroll) but what the heck is one to do with the continuing rising food and fuel costs? There are only so many meals one can fix with hot dogs, hamburger and eggs. Fuel? I have one question, where is all the slobbering media attention on this as it was last year? gggrrrrr.........Okay I'm off the soapbox for now but darn it's frustrating and makes me grumpy!

The flowers are blooming but the vegetables are water logged. So much for saving money and planting food. Wonder what I could cook with flowers:).

Mr. Bettis has limited time outside. He made an area of dirt with his racing and ripping in the yard. All of the rain has now made mud and Mr. B finds this to be quite entertaining. Not so much fun when he zips past me and the towel when he comes in. I give up on mopping the floor. I just wait until bedtime, do a quick mop and wait until the next day to do it all over again. It appears the rain isn't going away anytime soon.

Ms. Aurora (who thinks she's the queen around here) smooshed herself in the window to monitor the birds, squirrels and and any other creatures who have wandered into our water slogged area. We were going to do some much needed yardwork today but......... So I guess we'll work inside.


gaylen said...

We just finally got rain after 30 days without. I do understand your frustration. I don't mop - I just wait for it to dry and vacuum up the dirt.

Hmmm, there was something else you said, but now I can't remember. g

gaylen said...

Oh I remember - I was going to tell you about a lovely meatloaf recipe that I turned into 4 meals. I'll have to look it up and share, but the original recipe made 2 tiny loafs. The first one we ate as meatloaf and sandwiches. The second one I put in the freezer and we ate half as re-heated meatload (it was still really moist and yummy) with roast veggies. And then the second half of that I diced and mixed into Zataran's Dirty Rice - really good. Email if you want the recipe :) g

Laura Neal said...

Send that rain down here, you can have the heat. We are supposed to have temps of 102 on Wednesday! The last time we had a summer this hot was way back in the 80's. I remember that year because all of the grass was brown and crunchy, the grasshoppers were everywhere! I sweated a whole bunch back then. Now, I am swimming in my pool to keep cool!

Bubblesknits said...

If the rain keeps up, Miss Aurora is going to have to add fish to that list of things to watch from the window. lol

Sorry it's still raining. Tell it to come down here. None at all this week and the plants are getting thirsty.

Channon said...

Another rain-free day here. I hope it spreads north for you soon!

Anita said...

Ducks with umbrellas are not a good sign! :) At least you still have a good sense of humor, although I'm sure even that is strained at the moment! Hugs!